Create Cross-Program Workflows Easily with the Modern Microsoft 365 Service

What Is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly known as "Flow") is a cloud-based service that allows users to create workflows themselves. Recurring routine tasks and processes in different programs / services can thus be automated. This makes working easier and more efficient. Until now, mapping and automating business processes was often only possible through programming. There were no standardized IT connectors. So far, workflows could only be realized with the SharePoint Designer within the Office environment.

The cloud-based Microsoft Power Automate service changes this: create your individual workflow solutions between different services both within and outside the Microsoft Cloud. This increases the degree of automation and thus the efficiency of the processes at the company.

Who Is Microsoft Power Automate For?

Microsoft Power Automate is a suitable tool for:

  • Companies that want to optimize their workflows – in favor of a more efficient way of working in business processes and a reduction in operating costs.
  • IT decision-makers who want to allow industry partners to create solutions themselves so that IT experts and integration specialists can focus on more sophisticated integration tools, e.g. Azure Logic Apps.

Connect Various Cloud Services and Local Data

You can use Microsoft Power Automate to approach interfaces of individual tools and initiate actions without any programming skills required. You can use Power Automate to, for example:

  • Automatically save your attachments from emails in a folder in OneDrive or other services.
  • Connect your CRM system with Microsoft Project in such a way that in case of an obtained business opportunity a project is created automatically.

Using the standard connectors in Microsoft Power Automate, all services of the Microsoft 365 environment can be connected with each other and with third-party services. This allows you to roll out your workflows across many divisions throughout the entire company.

Microsoft Power Automate provides you with a secure connection with local data and cloud-based services. Data in your on-premises data sources can be connected with Power Automate and services in the Microsoft Cloud using a gateway. Thus, you combine both worlds.

Features of Microsoft Power Automate

Creating Workflows Quickly Using Templates

Microsoft Power Automate provides you with templates for workflows. This allows you to automate your business processes easily in a few steps at the click of a mouse.

How to create a Workflow from a Template

Step 1: Click on an existing template from the list. The entry in the search bar sorts all relevant templates. Click Continue.

Step 2: Now specify the actions and conditions displayed in the template. Users must identify themselves in the respective connector. Finally, click on Save flow. Thus, you have created your workflow in just two steps.

Creating Your Own Workflows without Templates

If there are no standard templates to connect the desired applications, Power Automate offers the possibility to create workflows easily yourself.

Shared Workflows in the Team

You can also invite your staff to a created workflow. Or you can directly create cross-team workflows. Thus, as many employees as possible benefit from the workflow you created.

Available on All Devices

Microsoft Power Automate is available on different devices: Online, as a desktop client or as a mobile application – regardless of whether you are using an iOS device or an Android phone or tablet.

What Is the Difference to SharePoint Designer?

In contrast to the SharePoint Designer workflows, you can work across platforms with MS Power Automate. What is special is that you do not only operate within the Microsoft 365 environment.

Using MS Power Automate, you can also integrate third-party services in the workflow (e.g. Salesforce, RSS and Google Drive). This allows for a much larger dissemination within the company across different divisions. Recurring routine work can thus be automated and lead to an increase in overall productivity.

Another advantage over SharePoint workflows is the graphical user interface in MS Power Automate. It allows you to create your workflows simply at the click of a mouse (see comparison of the user interfaces in the images below).

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