TPG CoReSuite: Optimum Overview of the Utilization of All Resources Across the Enterprise

Having the right capacity and resource planning software helps companies react flexibly to changing conditions. A state-of-the-art resource planning tool that allows you to check the workload of the available team members (= resources) and compare this to the available capacities. The ability to test various scenarios helps you optimize resource utilization. These features help you better meet your strategic business goals.

TPG CoReSuite is a leading-edge solution that combines three tools to enable load planning across the entire enterprise:


Resource planning software that provides a clear overview

  • Every department uses the tools best suited to your needs
  • All the resource planning data from the individual departments is uploaded into one shared system
  • A good overview of the resource utilization and availability for projects
  • Differentiation of the line activities, absences, and resulting availability for the projects
  • Simplified project and budget planning by time period, viewable in an easy-to-read table, as in Excel
  • Graphical simulations for portfolio optimization based on resource availability

The TPG CoReSuite Resource Management Tools

TPG TeamManager

TPG TeamManager is an ideal resource planning tool for team management: It shows every team member’s complete workload plan, with its the absences, line activities, and project work. In matrix organizations, it is easy to see what capacities are available for projects. This enables team management to quickly commit and assign staff resources to requests made by the project management.


  • Helps project and team management coordinate their resource plans
  • Project resource requests and resource allocations are handled using a single tool
  • Project managers and team leaders have an established process for requesting and committing resources
  • More reliable project resource plans for project managers
  • Reduced risk of project delays and overbooked / overburdened resources
  • Clear overviews for making decisions on additional resource requirements

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Customer Feedback

“The TPG solution enables our department heads to better plan the deployment of their employees. They are now able to respond to R&D project requests with accurate information on employee availability. Bottlenecks are easily identifiable, allowing them to avoid overscheduling these resources.”

Detlef Teuteberg, Business Process Consultant R&D, Global IT, Otto Bock SE & Co. KGaA

TPG PortfolioManager

TPG PortfolioManager is a tool for managing project portfolios based on resource availability. The software tool allows you to aggregate the data from new and ongoing projects at the project level. This gives you a clear, consolidated overview of the resource utilization per team in a single chart. Graphical simulation of the current state of the projects makes it easy to optimize the use of resources.


  • Summary of all the enterprise’s project and resource data
  • The project status is easily adjusted using drag&drop
  • Graphical simulation of the current state of projects, instantly showing the impact on the resources involved
  • Provides overviews for making decisions on additional capacity requirements
  • Ability to check several "What If" scenarios

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TPG CoRePlanner

TPG CoRePlanner is an easy-to-use project management tool for planning costs and resources. Project managers simply plan their activities on a timeline showing planned work and/or costs. This is as simple and clear as in Excel, but with a central data repository that eliminates the tedious job of gathering project data from various sources.


  • Simple user interface with only the essential functions
  • Functions similar to Excel, but has a centralized data repository
  • No confusing automatic calculations like in Microsoft Project
  • Minimal training needed thanks to the user-friendly design
  • Ability to use various currencies simultaneously ("multi-currency capable").

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    Customer Feedback

    “We previously used Excel for workforce scheduling, but its functionality was too limited. Now we use the online solution TPG CoRePlanner. Storing the data centrally saves us a lot of time and effort when preparing evaluations and reports. The quality of these has also improved considerably.“

    Thomas Kemmer, Project Leader Tools & Processes, SSI Schäfer GmbH

    TPG CoReSuite: The Tools Can also Be Used Individually

    The three tools outlined above can also be used individually if necessary. However, only through the synergy created by using all three together can corporate management gainvaluable insights into how well the staff resources are being utilized. This includes displaying overloads and visualizing the potential for additional projects.

    The Key Features of This Resource Planning Software

    • Project management, team management, and portfolio management each work with the most suitable tool for their job.
    • The TPG CoReSuite uses a shared database for the easy transfer of data between the tools.
    • It’s a fully browser-based solution for enterprise-wide resource management.
    • Bi-directional synchronization of data extracted from third-party systems via middleware TPG PSLink (e.g., from Project Online, Microsoft Project Server, Jira, DevOps, SAP, and others).
    • The solution is readily accepted by everyone using it thanks to its ease of use and instant access to planning data.


    • SharePoint 2019
    • SharePoint 2016