Quick Assistance and Support for Problems with TPG Solutions Based on Project Online or Microsoft Project Server

TPG The Project Group offers quick support for Project Online or your TPG solutions based on Microsoft Project Server, SharePoint and TPG products. The collaboration of the TPG experts with our customer teams is a process. This process ensures the functioning of your Microsoft PPM solution for all users at your company.

Knowledge Transfer Plan

Whenever you approach TPG with a support request, we document the analysis, communications and resolution in the TPG global support system.

As a best practice, TPG recommends the client’s support teams to review all support inquiries handled by the TPG team to ensure the support teams understand the issues being submitted and the resolution strategy recommended by TPG. The objective is for the client to become self-sufficient with managing all tiers of support for the solution.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Issue resolution requires extensive testing by the joint TPG and client teams.

TPG provides a fully documented issue resolution and works in coordination with the client’s technical teams and business users to validate full resolution before the support request is considered completed.

Support Packages:
Service Level Matching Your Requirements

One-size-fits-all does not work for project management support. Depending on your company’s IT setup, technical and procedural know-how, the size and complexity of your implementation, and finally your level of expectations, very different support models may be applied.

TPG offers a global help desk covering the full range from how-to questions to remote troubleshooting with advanced tools and technologies.

In each of the models described below, TPG will document the entire lifecycle of a support request in its global service database and will document each and every request from initiation to issue resolution.

The Simple Support Model

The simplest model comprises agreed commercial conditions and a frame contract to enable the request of support services on demand. The requests are handled according to resource availability. This usually applies to either small scale installations or customers who set up the first and second-level support in-house.

The Most Popular Model

The most common support model is an agreement that covers a specified amount of support services and agreed service levels including response times and delivery of solutions or workarounds. The commercial framework is calculated from the number of sites, number of users and complexity of your specific implementation.

Reliable Long-Term Operation of TPG Products

At TPG, we aspire to the highest level of customer satisfaction. We stand behind our globally-recognized products and are committed to helping our clients maintain complete usability.

With any TPG product purchase, TPG provides maintenance services to ensure your investment is always up and running. Whenever you experience an issue with one of our products, TPG staff will:

  • Investigate and analyze the causes of software issues regarding the TPG software.
  • Provide adequate fixes such as configuration instructions, workarounds, updated versions, patches or service releases – if malfunctions are caused by configuration problems or software errors.
  • Ensure that service releases of other vendors of software related to the TPG software (like Microsoft or SAP) are compatible. If necessary, TPG will adjust the configuration of TPG software or change the code to provide compatibility.
  • Make available service releases and patches that solve known issues proactively.
  • Maintain the software in order to comply with any legal or state regulations, if these apply to the specified software.

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