TPG CoRePlanner: Your SharePoint Tool for Time-Phased Work and Cost Planning – Better than Excel

When you are planning projects and cost centers you know how it is with Excel – you end up with different versions of the file, stored in different locations. And then you still have to add in your finance department’s budgeting requirements. Although you do not have this problem when you work with Microsoft Project Web App, it does not allow you to plan cost resources or enter time-phased information on work and costs.

Using Excel or Project Web App for project and budget planning limits what you can do and is also more labor-intensive. This is where TPG CoRePlanner can help. Whether you are a project manager or a cost center manager, you can do all your budget and project planning with a tool that has been specially developed for that purpose. It will make you much more efficient.

Project Budget Planning with TPG CoRePlanner

  • Simple and fast work and cost planning
  • Easy-to-use interface with only the most essential functions
  • Work as you do in Excel but with more advantages
  • Minimal training requirement (1-2 hours)
  • Budget planning is based on flexible exchange rates
  • Maximum data quality with centralized data storage
  • If required: data can be sent directly to your ERP system

Work Like in Excel – But with More Advantages

With TPG CoRePlanner, you can work in your preferred browser in a similar way as in Excel. The clearly designed user interface helps you concentrate on the essential functions and makes the product very easy to use.

Another advantage is that your data is stored in a centralized database. That eliminates the hassle of working with several different Excel files. You can also involve your finance department in the process by connecting the solution to your ERP system, e.g. SAP.

Budget Planning with Reliable Data

To help you make your budgets more reliable, TPG CoRePlanner provides a time-phased conversion of work into costs. If you are using resources with a different currency to the project currency, the tool calculates the costs accordingly using an exchange rate, which can also be adapted every month if required. The data is stored in a central database, which is an important prerequisite for your data quality.

Flexible Views and Practical Tools

With a flexible range of options for views, you always have an overview of the current situation, even in large projects. As with Excel, you can work with spreadsheets and toggle between the task and resource views. You can also simply copy and paste your existing data into the tool from Excel.

Alternatively, an easy-to-read matrix enables you to assign resources to tasks. Using the “move selection right” command you know from Excel, you simply drag and drop your data along the time axis.

Data Enhancement for the Finance Department

The user-defined fields enable you to assign planning content and resources to objects from an ERP system such as cost centers and types, WBS elements, CO orders, etc. Data sets prepared in this way can be sent to and from the ERP system, reliably and conveniently, using integration tools like TPG PSLink. This makes a decisive contribution to efficient collaboration between your project managers and financial staff.

    Advantages over Excel

    • Centralized data storage
    • Centralized custom fields and selection lists
    • Facilitates work with different currencies
    • Runs in common browsers
    • No file version problems
    • Robust

    Advantages over Project Server

    • Cost resources (Web Access)
    • Planning in timeframes (Web Access)
    • Copying data from Excel (Web Access)
    • Facilitates work with different currencies
    • Multi-column lookup tables
    • User-defined fields at assignment level

    Key Features at a Glance

    • Centralized data storage in SQL Server
    • Configurable structure for project tasks
    • Resource capacity and cost rates are variable over time
    • Currency conversion can be variable over time
    • As many user-defined fields as required
    • Planning in months, quarters and years
    • Check-in / check-out function
    • Runs on SharePoint 2016, 2013 and 2010


    “Our goal was to be able to do our planning in as efficient and streamlined a way as possible. TPG CoRePlanner combines in one tool what we need for this as a dynamic company – the administration work for our IT people is minimal. New employees are able to enter budgets error-free within just 5-10 minutes. This has enabled us to save a six-figure sum in dollars in the last year alone.”

    Helmut Kölbl, Project Manager, Harman International