TPG ProjectPowerPack: All-in-one Portfolio, Project, Resource and Task Planning on MS Power Platform

TPG ProjectPowerPack is an off-the-shelf product for project management with Microsoft 365 Power Platform. It serves as a centralized hub for accessing and collaborating on all of your company’s work and project management data. In project planning, you will benefit from its simple operation and the clear modern user interface of Microsoft Project for the Web (“Project Plan 1” license).

TPG have encompassed over 25 years of experience into this modular solution. This makes Microsoft 365 project management easy and you benefit from the many best-practice approaches for successful project and portfolio management.

TPG ProjectPowerPack can be fully operational in a matter of hours. It enables you to work with colleagues in a single shared solution by merging financials, documents, workflows, approvals and reporting for everyone.

The power apps project management product is built on the cloud-based Microsoft 365 platform, can grow as your organization does and has been designed to be expanded. Whether new requirements or an increase in PPM maturity, we have you covered to wherever your journey takes you next.

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What you get from this central TPG ProjectPowerPack solution

  • Cloud-based, best-practice solution out of the box
  • Uniform working method in project and portfolio management
  • Provision and customization in a short time
  • Simple operation with a clear and modern user interface
  • Comprehensive package of over 40 project and portfolio reports
  • Based solely on the cloud-based Microsoft 365 standards

Available as an enhancement for Project for the Web or otherwise with TPG Scheduler.

The Extended Range of Features Makes Work Easier

TPG ProjectPowerPack was developed based on Microsoft 365 components Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Dataverse. This solution integrates Microsoft Project for the Web for project planning and extends it with these features:

  • Project requests with approval workflow
  • Portfolio overview with additional project attributes and traffic lights
  • Portfolio and program structures for structuring the portfolio
  • Project master data and project life cycle
  • Budget and cost planning at project level
  • Document management in SharePoint or Teams
  • Risks, open issues, change requests and measures
  • Project goals and benefits for the Project Charter
  • Snapshot function and project status report
  • Extensive report pack with more than 40 reports

Especially for large, complex projects and cross-project dependencies, TPG Scheduler can be used as an alternative planning interface. This does not change the functionality of TPG ProjectPowerPack.


“By combining various PM solutions in the Microsoft Power Platform, we were able to realize a state-of-the-art solution for project and portfolio management with the TPG ProjectPowerPack. It is integrated into all backend systems in one UI and as a single-point-of-truth.” 

Andreas Stumpp, Associated Partner, Project Unit, MHP Management und IT-Beratung GmbH (a Porsche Company)

Provisioning of this solution

TPG ProjectPowerPack is installed as a package in your Microsoft 365 Tenant. After a minimal basis configuration, it is quickly available. In the course of a joint requirements analysis, it is possible to set up for example:

  • Categories for risks, open issues, decisions and change requests
  • Project status selection lists
  • Organizational structure
  • Currencies
  • Customization of colors and logo

A role-based authorization concept controls access and the required functions for the various user groups, such as portfolio managers, project managers and project team members.

Required licences on the customer side

The licenses required on the customer side include:

  • TPG ProjectPowerPack Microsoft Project for the Web Edition (or TPG Scheduler Edition) for all roles editing projects
  • Project Plan 1 for scheduling and accessing projects and tasks in Project for the Web (not necessary with TPG Scheduler)
  • Power Apps to run either one app (in this case TPG ProjectPowerPack) or unlimited apps
  • Power BI Pro for all users with access to reports and dashboards
  • Power Automate for the Service Account to execute all workflows

In any case, we will support you in providing the necessary licenses as part of our CSP offer.

Some Customers* using TPG ProjectPowerPack

- Alois Kober (DE)
- Intercable (IT)

Engineering & Construction
- Marti (CH)
- thyssenkrupp Uhde (DE)

Consulting, IT & Telecom.
- CTE (CH)
- EY Global Services (UK)
- Dimension Data (ZA)
- MHP Mgt.- & IT-Beratung (DE)
- Ticos Engineering (CH)

- South African Reserve Bank (ZA)
- ABSA Bank (ZA)
- Auditor General South Africa (ZA)
- Kaiser & Partner Privatbank (CH)
- Toyota Financial Services (DE)
- Carmignac (FR)

Health Care
- DSM (CH)
- Kantonsspital Aarau (CH)
- Schweizer Paraplegiker Zentrum (CH)
- Swiss Trop. & Pub. Health Inst. (CH)

Retail & Consumer Goods
- Bell Group (CH)
- CITTI Handelsgesellschaft (DE)
- Einkaufsbüro Dt. Eisenhändler (DE)
- Euronics (DE)
- Kerry Group (IE)
- Läderach (CH)
- Migros (CH)
- REWE Group (DE)
- Rotkäppchen-Mumm (DE)

Life-Sciences & Chemicals
- Celonic (CH)
- Paul Schärrer Institut (CH)

Mechanical Engineering
- Greencells (DE)
- Vaillant Group (DE)
- Weig Holding (DE)

Public Sector
- Akademie Bay. Genossensch. (DE)
- Genossenschaftsverb. Bayern (DE)
- IHK zu Kiel (DE)
- Messe München (DE)
- Tiefbauamt Zürich (CH)

Travel, Transport & Logistics
- Die Zentralbahn (CH)
- FTI Touristik (DE)
- NATS Holding (UK)
- Streck Transport (CH)

Supply & Energy
- Aziende Industriali di Lugano (CH)
- energie360° (CH)
- Open Grid Europe (DE)
- Primeo Energie (CH)

- Berner Fachhochschule (CH)
- Careum (CH)
- Tama Group (IS)

* In addition, there are other customers who may not be listed here, e.g. from Austria and other countries.

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FAQ: Questions and Answers about TPG ProjectPowerPack

1. Who needs TPG ProjectPowerPack?

TPG ProjectPowerPack allows quick and easy implementation and gives access to the most important information. These are, for example, a project list, resource utilization and a comprehensive reporting package. The tool supports any organization that wants to plan and manage more than just a handful of projects. It is easy-to-use, has a modern interface and is highly adaptable, and therefore ideal for setting up professional project and portfolio management in a short time.

2. Why would I change from Project Online to Power Platform with TPG ProjectPowerPack?

Project Online is a solution based on SharePoint Online. According to Microsoft, SharePoint workflows will be abandoned in 2026. After this, the only way to create workflows will be with Power Automate. Why not consider now how a gradual migration could work? Some functions provided by TPG ProjectPowerPack (e.g., Kanban Boards, Todos, Stakeholders, etc.) cannot be mapped in SharePoint with reasonable effort. With the Power Platform, this works easily and quickly. In TPG ProjectPowerPack, this is already included in the standard.

3. Is there a demo version of TPG ProjectPowerPack allowing us to test it ourselves?

Yes, we offer a free accompanied trial. In this environment, you can test yourselves, and one of our specialists is available throughout as a coach to answer your questions. The duration is usually set to four hours. This gives you a good understanding of the solution, and questions are answered immediately. If you are interested, please contact us via the contact form on our website.

4. Can I plan my resources with TPG ProjectPowerPack?

Yes, with TPG ProjectPowerPack you can plan your resources in different ways: You can manage employees as well as skills or generic resources.  In addition, financial data for budgets, schedule data and actual data can be planned and tracked at project level.

5. Where is my data stored?

TPG ProjectPowerPack is based on the Microsoft Power Platform. It stores all data in a so-called Dataverse database in its own tenant in the Microsoft Cloud.

6. How quickly can TPG ProjectPowerPack be deployed?

The technical deployment takes place within one day. The initial adaptation of the TPG ProjectPowerPack depends on the requirements. TPG ProjectPowerPack already offers a wide range of functions and ready-made configurations for standard project management use cases.

7. How much training is required for TPG ProjectPowerPack?

The training effort for TPG ProjectPowerPack depends on the role. The training for Project Managers usually lasts a day. Employees generally receive either video training or a handout with the most important functions.


8. What additional licenses do I need for TPG ProjectPowerPack?

In addition to the licenses for TPG ProjectPowerPack (and TPG Scheduler as an alternative to Project for the Web) that can be subscribed to from TPG, you need Microsoft licenses, which are differentiated by role or function:

  • Power BI Pro for all users with access to reports and dashboards
  • Power apps for all users to run the app (TPG ProjectPowerPack) or to run unlimited apps
  • Power Automate for the Service Account to execute all workflows
  • Project Online Plan 1 for all Project Managers using Project for the Web (or TPG Scheduler)

9. What if I need more licenses later?

All licenses can be increased over time and adapted to your actual needs.

10. Do employees who create actions also need TPG ProjectPowerPack licenses?

No, employees not editing the schedule do not need a TPG ProjectPowerPack license. However, if timesheets or the Teams app are to be used, they will need a cheaper timesheet license for TPG ProjectPowerPack. Microsoft licenses are always required regardless of this.

11. Where do I get information on the prices of the TPG ProjectPowerPack licenses?

Please contact our sales team via the contact form on our website , and we will send you further information.

Data Exchange / Integration

12. Can TPG ProjectPowerPack be integrated with other systems such as SAP or Jira?

Yes, TPG ProjectPowerPack uses the same technical platform as Microsoft Dynamics and can be integrated  with many different systems such as SAP, Jira or DevOps with our proven integration solution TPG PSLink.

13 Can I integrate TPG ProjectPowerPack with Microsoft Teams?

Yes, TPG ProjectPowerPack is already deeply integrated with Microsoft Teams by default.  A separate team or channel can be created for each project and the project documents are managed in Microsoft Teams. It is, of course, also possible to display further project information such as the project status or the schedule within Microsoft Teams. A dedicated app for Microsoft Teams, which can be licensed additionally, provides an even better overview of all upcoming tasks of the team members as well as the project portfolio.

14. Are there any functional restrictions if the Microsoft Teams App for TPG ProjectPowerPack is not used?

Hardly, this is mainly about time savings and improved usability. The MS Teams App makes it possible to display and edit the individual tasks of a person across all projects. Otherwise, these can be found in the projects themselves. Likewise, it is possible to access the timesheets centrally via the MS Teams App.

15. What data can I import from existing systems?  (Excel, Microsoft Project)

As TPG ProjectPowerPack is set up on the Power Platform, almost all data for projects, portfolios, programs, resources, etc. can be exported from Excel. In addition, Microsoft Project MPP-files can be imported.

16. Can I transfer my resource data from Active  Directory?

Partly, because typically, Active  Directory (AD)  and Azure Active Directory (AAD) do not contain all the data needed for a resource pool. Certain basic data (e.g. starting date, leaving date, position, etc.) can be transferred from AD, AAD or another HR application using our proven integration solution TPG PSLink.

17. Is it possible to include the Microsoft Outlook calendar in the resource plan?

Yes, but it is important to specify what can be transferred in what structure to the TPG ProjectPowerPack base calendar. From experience, employees maintain their Outlook calendars in very different ways. The TPG ProjectPowerPack base calendar determines when employees can be scheduled for project work via PPP. For example, it would make sense to import approved vacation periods into TPG ProjectPowerPack during which resources will not be available to work on projects.

18. Is it possible to include separate timesheets?

Yes, the exchange of data is possible in both directions.


19.  Is TPG ProjectPowerPack adaptable to my corporate design?

Yes, as part of the deployment of TPG ProjectPowerPack, the colors and company logo can be adapted to suit your company.

20. Can TPG ProjectPowerPack be individually extended? Can we do it ourselves?  

Yes, the basic technology of the Power Platform offers a wide range of possibilities for enhancements and extensions. On the one hand, you can customize the data model, but also forms and process steps. For many of our customers, we have integrated individual process solutions into TPG ProjectPowerPack, such as idea management or a project application process. With time you can also make these adjustments yourself as you build up the appropriate know-how or through training.

21. Can I roll out TPG ProjectPowerPack internationally (currencies, languages)?

Yes, TPG ProjectPowerPack allows easy configuration of any currency. In the current version, the languages Arabic, English, French and German are supported. In future releases, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese will be added. Each user can choose their preferred language. In addition, as a customer, you can add any language version yourself with your own translations.

22. Can I adapt TPG ProjectPowerPack to my project management processes? (permissions, fields)

Yes, the authorization concept of TPG ProjectPowerPack is based on Microsoft Dynamics. This means that teams and security roles are defined which can also be extended. The extension of the data model, the forms and the approval processes can also be implemented with little effort.

23. Can I use my own project templates?

Yes, you can define any project in the system as a template. In addition, you can define different sets of functions for different templates. For example, some projects require extensive risk management, while others require a simple issue tracker.

24. Which reports are available in TPG ProjectPowerPack (portfolio view, PMO view, etc.)?

TPG ProjectPowerPack comes with a comprehensive reporting package based on Power BI. In total, more than 40 reports are available in the areas of portfolio, project, resource management and project applications.

25. Can I implement idea management with TPG ProjectPowerPack?

Yes, TPG ProjectPowerPack already offers a project applications process in the standard version with customizable forms and approval workflows. A dedicated idea management or a project preliminary phase can be implemented as part of the extension by you as a customer as well as by TPG.

26. Is there a permissions system that controls the visibility of the resource utilization of employees in projects?

Yes, for instance, project managers only see the workload of employees outside their own project as a sum in the Resource view, but not what they are doing in other projects. This enables them to identify whether a resource still has capacity for their own project. People with access to the Portfolio view, however, can see the details in the projects, as it is their responsibility to resolve resource conflicts.

27. Is it possible to make individual projects visible and accessible only to authorized individuals?

Yes, each project manager can assign read and write access to other people individually for their project. If no individual changes are made, access rights are based on the higher-level role concept.

Other Questions

28. What does the roadmap for TPG ProjectPowerPack look like?

TPG The Project Group has been intensively developing TPG ProjectPowerPack since 2020 and issues a new product release every two months. As part of our roadmap, we will continue to offer our customers an insight into the next development steps for the future.

29. Is there a way to track the employees’ operations separately (e.g., leave and absences) with the aim of making actual project availability visible?

Yes, we suggest the following approach: The employees’ basic capacity can be imported from external sources. To ensure that resource planning is complete, it is possible to work with projects for “Vacation” and “Absences”, for example, and people need to report back to those.

30. Does the Schedule distinguish between effort and duration?

Yes, the selection of the task mode (fixed work, fixed duration, fixed units) enables the differentiation in the schedule. The Resource Plan works with work, the duration is shown as a “goodie”.  You can select whether the Schedule or Resource Plan should be synchronized or not.