TPG ProjectPowerPack: Best Practice Solution for Project & Portfolio Management Based on Microsoft 365 & Power Platform

Microsoft Project for the Web (“Project Plan 1” license) is a modern and easy-to-use solution for planning and reporting projects. For use in a professional environment, however, some important functions are missing, even if it is combined with PPM for Power Apps Accelerator. For instance, these include:

  • Structured overview of the projects (only possible with Accelerator)
  • Management of issues and risks (only possible with Accelerator)
  • Storage of project-specific documents
  • Key Milestones, Status Updates, Changes, Lessons Learned, etc. as well as the related reports

This is where the package TPG ProjectPowerPack comes in. It adds these essential functions. This out-of-the-box solution is fully operational in a short time. As an alternative to Project for the Web, the solution can also be combined with TPG Scheduler, a powerful planning tool (which is not based on Microsoft technology but compatible with it).


What you get from this central TPG ProjectPowerPack solution

  • Cloud-based best practice solution out of the box
  • Supports the uniform working method in project and portfolio management
  • Simple operation with a clear and modern user interface
  • Very comprehensive package of over 40 project and portfolio reports
  • Provision in a short time
  • Based solely on the cloud-based Microsoft 365 standards

Available as an enhancement for Project for the Web or otherwise with TPG Scheduler.

The Extended Range of Features Makes Work Easier

TPG ProjectPowerPack provides users with a central point of entry with an overview of their own project requests and projects, as well as their personal open issues and risks. An overview of the most important key portfolio values complements the user’s own data.

Reading tip: Read case study about ProjectPowerPack implementation at Kantonsspital Aarau in the TPG Blog.

TPG ProjectPowerPack was developed based on Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Dataverse (formerly CDS). This solution seamlessly integrates Microsoft Project for the Web for project planning and extends it with the following features:

  • Project requests with approval workflow
  • Portfolio overview with additional project attributes and traffic lights
  • Portfolio and program data to structure the portfolio
  • Project master data and project life cycle
  • Budget and cost planning at project level
  • Document management in SharePoint
  • Project artifacts including risks, issues, change requests, action items, plus many more
  • Project goals and benefits for Project Charter
  • Project status report
  • Comprehensive report package with more than 40 reports

Instead of Project for the Web, you can use TPG Scheduler as an alternative planning interface. This does not change the functionality of TPG ProjectPowerPack.


“By combining various PM solutions in the Microsoft Power Platform, we were able to realize a state-of-the-art solution for project and portfolio management with the TPG ProjectPowerPack. It is integrated into all backend systems in one UI and as a single-point-of-truth.” 

Andreas Stumpp, Associated Partner, Project Unit, MHP Management und IT-Beratung GmbH (a Porsche Company)

Provisioning of This Solution

TPG ProjectPowerPack is installed as a package in your O365 Tenant and is quickly available after a minimal basic configuration. In the course of a joint requirements analysis, for example, categories for project artifacts, value lists for project attributes, desired languages and necessary currencies are set up.

A role-based authorization concept controls access and the required functions for the various user groups, such as portfolio managers, project managers and project team members.

The licenses required on the customer side include:

  • Project Plan 1 for access to Project for the Web
  • Alternative to Project Plan 1: TPG Scheduler for scheduling
  • Power Apps to run either one app (in this case TPG ProjectPowerPack) or unlimited apps
  • Power BI Pro for all users with access to reports and dashboards

In any case, we will support you in providing the necessary licenses as part of our CSP offer.