The App for the Complete Overview of Team Member Utilization

With TPG CoReSuite, the creation of a complete team member utilization plan is easy and efficient for team leaders. It takes into account capacities, absences, operations and project commitments. In matrix organizations, this makes it possible to immediately identify free capacities for projects or overload in a team. Thus, reliable commitments can be made quickly in response to project requests.

With Excel, professional resource planning is only possible to a limited extent. With TPG CoReSuite on the other hand, you can carry out your resource planning completely as a team leader.

This modern tool is as easy to use as Excel and has many other advantages.
> Benefits and features at a glance

Collaboration with the Project Manager

Within TPG CoReSuite, the team leaders receive requests from the project managers’ resource planning. To be able to make reliable commitments in response to these requests, they need an overview of the actual availability of their team and its members. In this way, the tool supports the coordination process between project and line management: everyone involved sees the discrepancy between requests from projects and possibilities in the teams.

TPG CoReSuite thus provides you with the perfect basis for conflict resolution.

Project Planning with TPG CoReSuite

Collaboration with Portfolio Management

Before projects can start, it is necessary to verify the availability of resources. TPG CoReSuite also provides absences and operations in addition to resource planning from the projects as a basis for realistic utilization planning. Therefore, it does not only present the capacity but also the actual availability for projects.

This enables you to plan your teams and resources soundly and with a long-term view.

Portfolio Planning with TPG CoReSuite

Benefits & Functions

  • Complete planning based on absences, operations and project commitments
  • Supports project managers and team leaders in aligning their resource planning
  • Creates reliability in project resource planning
  • Reduces project delays and resource overbooking / overload
  • Provides an overview as the basis for decisions on additional resource requirements
  • Planning with generic and named resources
  • Time-phased planning in days, weeks, months, quarters and years
  • Easy data transfer via copy & paste from Excel
  • Optional custom fields
  • Simple user interface with the essential functions
  • Work like in Excel, but with more benefits
  • High data quality thanks to central data storage
  • Integration with other systems

    Coordination between Project and Line Management

    In matrix organizations, it is important that the team leaders can easily identify the free capacity for projects. This allows them to make commitments quickly in response to project requests.

    The graphic below shows the difference between the resource requests from the projects and the commitments from the team. The actual project availability results from the balance of capacity minus absences and operations.

    The graphic shows that Project A is granted the full resource request (green). Project B only receives a large part (yellow) and Project C the available remainder (red).

    This provides a very good basis for discussing the resolution of resource conflicts. The goal is for the whole team to remain in the green area, i.e. to have no overload for the team members.

    Some Customers using TPG CoReSuite

    Abbott Automation Solutions (DE)
    BSH (DE)
    G+E GETEC Holding (DE)
    Harman (DE)

    Heckler & Koch (DE)
    Herbert Waldmann (DE)
    Northrop Grumman LITEF (DE)

    Physik Instrumente (DE)
    Stadtwerke Essen (DE)
    Stora Enso (FI)

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