How a Milestone Trend Analysis / MTA Works

A Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) is an easy-to-read combination of history and projection for selected project milestones. It is used to graphically illustrate time-related discrepancies.

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A Curve Clearly Shows the Progression over Time

When milestones are updated, the completion dates are reforecast according to the progression of the project. Connecting the interrelated symbols produces a curve that clearly shows the progression over time. The best-case completion of the original plan is represented by a horizontal line. If this line is rising, it signifies a delay in the schedule; a falling line means that completion will be ahead of schedule.

Important Prerequisite for Good MTA Results

An MTA can only provide meaningful information, if the data is always up to date. This is only the case if the dates of the milestones have been correctly updated before the regular snapshots. Thus, an MTA can also lead to an improvement in the project participants' awareness of deadlines.


Your Benefits

Advantages of a Milestone Trend Analysis / MTA

  • Concise visualization of the history and projection of important milestones
  • Timely detection of deadline bottlenecks with periodic updates
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Improvement of deadline awareness among project participants

TPG MTA Client: Free MTA for Microsoft Project

TPG MTA Client is a standalone product. It is installed directly on the user’s computer. Being an add-in product, TPG MTA Client is started by clicking a button in Microsoft Project.

Data Is Stored Within the Microsoft Project File

The major advantage of TPG MTA Client is that the data is stored within the project file in Microsoft Project. No separate file is created for the MTA! Your data are easily portable in the project file and immediately available to other users of TPG MTA Client.

  • Graphical support for reporting with a clear overview of how projects are evolving over time
  • Timely detection of collisions
  • Project participants have a better awareness of milestones and their deadlines
  • Seamless integration into Microsoft Project Standard or Professional
  • Data is stored within the project file with no need for a separate file
  • Configurable graphic output is easy to print out
  • Easy-to-read table of data and deadlines can be displayed for every milestone
  • Can be used with projects on the Project Server and MPP files
  • Configurable profiles for views with specific milestones
  • Works with multiple projects
  • Can import MTA data from TPG MTA Server
  • Views for different user profiles can be saved


  • Microsoft Project Standard / Professional 2013
  • Microsoft Project Standard / Professional 2010
  • Microsoft Project Standard / Professional 2007
  • There is currently no solution available for newer MS Project versions

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