Extensive heterogeneous project management landscape harmonized in a short period of time

The Company: As the market leader in its industry, the client develops and produces innovative solutions for the aerospace industry. The portfolio of the business unit affected by the PM migration includes complex aircraft and defense systems. For the space industry, the company supplies products ranging from electronic components to complete telecommunication relay platforms, satellites, and spacecraft.

The Challenge: In 2018, the company made the strategic decision to standardize project management corporate-wide. After an internal analysis of the various options, the client selected an on-premises solution based on Planisware Enterprise Version 6. Until then, different tools had been in use. Switching to a single tool required the migration of large, complex, and sometimes highly sensitive data. The project launch in 2020 coincided with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Solution: First, a business relationship plan was set up. TPG was able to quickly resolve all the questions that arose by working closely with the contact persons in the respective user communities. The data derived from around 500 projects, some of which are very large, was carefully prepared for the new system and migrated gradually in several batches. Despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 safeguards, the entire migration was completed in just six months, from May to October 2020.  

The Benefits: The client harmonized its heterogeneous project management landscape corporate-wide within a relatively short period of time. The extensive amount of data, some of it being security-related, has been successfully migrated in a way that safeguarded its quality while at the same time carefully cleaning and streamlining it. Despite the complete change in systems, the company can continue to rely on TPG for further support.

Customer Feedback

“The field lists were meticulously prepared - which took time - and the configuration items and data that were not worth migrating were carefully archived and then deleted. This provided the foundation for a smooth and efficient migration of the data.”

Martin Hespe, Head of Key Account Management TPG