Reliable Success in the Carve-Out of the Sensor Technology Provider by Mirroring Data and Systems

The Company: HENSOLDT is a global defense company with a market-leading position in Europe. Sensor technology, solutions for electronic warfare as well as avionics rank among the main business areas. As a technological leader, HENSOLDT continuously develops new products based on innovative approaches to data management, robotics and cybersecurity. The company’s product portfolio covers the entire spectrum for air, sea and land missions.

The Challenge: The company was created as a carve-out of the former sensor technology division of an international aerospace corporation. In the process of this carve-out, it was necessary to separate the project management system of the prospective new company with all the requisite data from the existing system during operation and disconnect it, at first only virtually but later also physically. At the newly created company, the task was to modernize the project management system and adapt and expand it according to the specific requirements.

The Solution: In addition to the existing installation of the aerospace corporation’s PM system – based on Microsoft Project Server – TPG set up a second parallel installation prior to the carve-out. The complete project data material was mirrored in this. Then, the two databases were cleaned up and prepared for the two henceforth separate companies. At a later stage, the physical migration of the data from the datacenter of the aerospace company to HENSOLDT’s own servers took place. After that, additional functionalities were added to the PM system.

The Benefits: On the day the company was founded, HENSOLDT had a fully functional PM environment at its disposal. Thus, work on all projects could be resumed without interruptions. Having been a longstanding partner of the aerospace company in the sensor technology division, TPG had extensive experience with the requirements of the carved-out company. This meant HENSOLDT was able to have recourse to the high level of consulting expertise for the demand-oriented expansion of the functionalities during the update of Microsoft Project Server.


“It was a matter of separating the PM system for HENSOLDT from the source system without creating any rupture. It was important for us that the read access to the data was possible at any time throughout the entire operation.”

Manfred Janek, Head of Design and Development, Information Management at HENSOLDT