Experts Recommend: Use This Study and Save a Lot of Time, Money and Nerves when Establishing / Optimizing Your PMO!

Are you in the process of establishing your PMO? Or are you already engaged in fine-tuning and optimizing it to make your project management even more powerful? In either case, you will draw considerable benefits from the result of one of the most extensive project management office studies. Why is this? Because we conducted an extensive survey for you, interviewing 588individuals from companies with and without PMO.

The result: The essence consisting of valuable learnings, mistakes to avoid, and absolute criteria for PMO success in 2 separately available parts with top-quality charts, analyses and tips. This will allow you to optimize your existing PMO systematically, or it will point you in the right direction when establishing a new one.

A Must for PMO Managers with Foresight

The smart study design and the survey of companies with and without PMO enabled a 360-degree analysis of priorities.

  • Support in setting priorities: the study provides an excellent overview of the companies’ PMO priorities from which you will benefit greatly.
  • Orientation thanks to an excellent PMO benchmark: the differentiation between top, high and low performers means you will know directly where you are at present and where you should be heading.
  • Realistic assessment due to empirical values: the illustration of the expectations of PMO newcomers and the comparison with reality gives you a feeling for your own expectations.
  • You learn from the top performers: you will prevent frequent mistakes and learn directly how to do it properly because we have condensed the top performers’ experience for you!

If you and your company wish to evolve into a top performer step by step, PMO experts would recommend you to consult this study.

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 “The study reinforces top management’s aspiration to be counted among the top performers – and with that its readiness to be supportive of a PMO.”

Joachim Braun, Lenzing AG

“Interesting results. Good basis for determining one’s own maturity level in the PMO and in project management in general.”

Julien Wunder, EWE AG

Only Few PMOs Are Really Good! Why Is That?

Why are some companies with a PMO top performers and much better at project handling than others? In what ways do they differ from the less successful high or low performers? The study also finds answers to these questions. True to the motto “Learning from Excellence”, you will find clear pointers which will be invaluable to you when optimizing your PMO. Thus, you will identify your own path to becoming a top performer.

What Can You Learn from Top Performers? A Lot!

Simply setting up a PMO and letting it do its thing is not enough.

  • Top performers complete more than 80% of their projects on time and within budget while also fulfilling the quality requirements.
  • Top performers show a much higher satisfaction with the PMO than the high performers by comparison.
  • With top performers, top management is three times more likely to be “very satisfied” than with low performers.
  • ...


 “The study is particularly well suited to questioning the status of one’s own PMO and derive potential for improvement. It also sheds light on how one’s PMO can generate added value.”

Andreas Graf, AVL List GmbH

PMO Study 2020 Available in 2 Parts

Part 1 (with PMO)

Price: 250 USD

Suitable for companies with PMO, appropriate if you are aiming to improve your PMO

Contains all results from companies with PMO.

99 pages, plenty of valuable graphics, PDF file for download directly in our online shop.

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Groups of Themes Companies with PMO
(Part 1 of the Study)

  • Current status of the PMO and the project landscape
  • Success in managing projects
  • PMO qualifications
  • Project manager qualifications
  • Software tools used
  • PMO acceptance
  • PMO duties
    • Strategic support
    • Standardization
    • Training and assistance 
    • Multi-project management 
    • Resource management 
  • Distribution of responsibilities 
  • PMO benefits
  • Appendix with comments to the questions

Part 2 (without PMO)

Price: 250 USD

Suitable for companies who want to set up a PMO.

Contains all results from companies without PMO including a comparison of the differences with regard to companies with PMO.

69 pages, plenty of valuable graphics, PDF file for download directly in our online shop.

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Groups of Themes Companies without PMO
(Part 2 of the Study)

  • Current status of project environments without a PMO
  • Success in managing projects without a PMO
  • Project manager qualifications without a PMO
  • Software tools used without a PMO
  • Outlook for having a PMO
  • Desired PMO responsibilities
    • Strategic support
    • Standardization
    • Training and assistance 
    • Multi-project management 
    • Resource management 
  • Desired PMO benefits
  • Appendix with comments to the questions

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