TPG Harmony(QS): a proven pre-packaged and fixed price solution for a quick Project Management Office Set-up

Nowadays, PMOs are the backbone of Portfolio and Project (PPM) delivery in Organizations. PMO implementation within a department or a company can be a long and resource-consuming endeavor with limited case for comprehensive ROI.

Nevertheless, PMOs have a real impact on PPM success in the role as a dedicated body of competence serving the project community, and maturity increase enabler on the long run, for the benefits of the organization.

To help you to set up your individual PMO in a very short time we developed the TPG Harmony(QS) QuickStart approach.

What is TPG Harmony(QS)?

TPG Harmony(QS) is a quick start PMO implementation based on modules. The modular approach improves the PPM maturity and professionalizes the Project Management delivery in your organization by:

  • using a set of PMO deployment resources based on standard methodology
  • a pre-configured PPM tool
  • a trained, coached and motivated project community
  • at a fixed price
  • in a maximum of only 99 days (Gartner Level 2 PPM Maturity)

The 4 modules of TPG Harmony(QS)

This PMO implementation approach relies on three mandatory and one optional module:

  1. 1. Processes: A set of basic, recognized, and robust processes aiming at harmonizing the PPM practises across all projects in scope of the PMO, and delivered through a modern electronic platform.
  2. 2. Tool: A pre-configured Tool, based on the TPG PPM QuickStart and TPG Power BI Report pack, aiming at harmonizing the tools to manage the projects.
  3. 3. People: A set of training, coaching, and simulations, aiming at uplifting the future PMO and PM community to the right level to address the established processes and use the provided PPM tools.
  4. 4. PMO Support (optional): A manpower assistance to support your PMO team with highly qualified profiles from TPG.

Reach Gartner PPM Maturity Level 2 in short time

TPG Harmony(QS) is a pre-packaged fixed price solution enabling the creation of a PMO organization, from scratch. It helps to reach Level 2 on the Gartner PPM Maturity Matrix (see below) in a very short time. Using this approach guarantees a harmonized level of operation between the processes, the supporting PPM tool and relevant stakeholders in a consistent Project and Program environment.  

Reaching Level 2 of the Gartner PPM Maturity allows project overview, coordination, and operation, without having to deal with heavy processes, or unnecessary complexity.

Ultimately, by increasing PPM maturity, your organization will be able to save operation costs usually dedicated to PMO staffing. The data quality and automation of data handling will increase noticeably.

TPG Harmony(QS) modules in detail

TPG Harmony(QS) consists of these four modules: “PMO in a Box”, PMO Toolset, Training und Support Services. These are described below.

Module 1: “PMO in a Box” – Harmonize Delivery

Your benefits of this module:

  • Standardized project environment fitting your needs
  • Use a huge set of proven processes and templates based on PMI® standards
  • Web based single point of management and update for the PMO
  • Implemented in a maximum of only 99 days for a fixed price

The “PMO in a Box” module aims at proposing a set of processes and templates widely approved and used throughout the Project Management Community. It sets the foundation of the PPM practices as managed by a standard PMO. All content and documents are organized on an individual company web portal (see image below).

The Module TPG Harmony(QS) “PMO in a Box” module addresses the following scope of processes and corresponding templates:

  • Project Charter Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Project Closing

For each process, a detailed description, inputs, outputs, RACI, templates, and complementary features are proposed to the user. This allows a single point of management and update for the PMO. All of them rely on a combination of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) broad recommendation mixed with operationally favored process approaches that have been the TPG The Project Group field experience for many years.

Module 2: PMO Toolset – Deliver More Effectively

Your benefits of this module:

  • Powerful PPM planning, information, and communication platform
  • Based on Microsoft standards in the cloud or on premises, extensible for the future
  • Standardized project plans and comprehensive reporting
  • Tool set up in just a few weeks for a fixed price


This module comprises a Microsoft technology based tool for project and portfolio management: TPG MultiProject(QS). It is a turnkey solution at a fixed-price – set up in just a few weeks. You will be able to use a well-proven, centralized and powerful planning, information and communication platform in no time.

TPG MultiProject(QS) is the ideal approach for you if you are looking to standardize your project management within the Microsoft PPM environment while increasing its efficiency and maturity. We favor the implementation of the TPG MultiProject(QS) solution in the cloud (Project Online). The solution is nevertheless also available on premises upon request (Microsoft Project Server).

The TPG Power BI ReportPack is used for reporting. It contains a large number of modern reports on project, portfolio, resource and cost management with Power BI.

TPG MultiProject(QS) brings together project management processes aligned with the “PMO in a Box” module and best practices from a range of different industries. As your business evolves, you can extend the platform with new functions and integrate it with other systems in your company.

Learn more about the QuickStart solution TPG MultiProject(QS).

Module 3: Training – Improve Maturity

Your benefits of this module:

  • Assure highly skilled personnel in your PMO and project management
  • Deeply understand the PPM processes and related templates
  • Use the PPM tool environment most effectively
  • Get in situation training or coaching whenever you need it

TPG Harmony(QS) trainings are organized around technical skill uplift for PMO and PMs. This allows them to understand and use all the PPM functionalities proposed for PMO operations.

PMO Training:
(included in the TPG Harmony(QS) solution, group of 8 PMO max)

  • “PMO in a Box” featured processes (module 1)
  • Microsoft Project Online (incl. administration)
  • Power BI Reports
  • TPG MultiProject(QS) for Program Management
  • PMO operations and behavior

Project Manager Training:
(included in the TPG Harmony(QS) solution, group of 8 PMO max)

  • “PMO in a Box” featured processes (module 1)
  • Microsoft Project Online (without administrator training)
  • Power BI Reports
  • TPG MultiProject(QS) for Program Management
  • Project Management Overview for Project Managers

But this is not all.

We also deliver in situation PMO training, teaching members to organize governance instances, to ask the right question, and to analyze the data provided by the overall PMO solution.

Module 4: Support Services – PMO “on demand”

Your benefits of this module:

  • Get support of highly skilled PMO and PPM staff on demand
  • Worldwide availability on daily rates

PMO implementation requires several profiles needed from your organization side. TPG can support temporary lack of profiles, by providing highly skilled resources to your organization – worldwide at a daily rate.

The proposed expert profiles are:

  • TPG PMO Manager
  • TPG Project Manager
  • TPG Project Chartered Accounting Specialist
  • TPG Toolset Administrator
  • TPG PMO and Project Management Trainer

These complementary services are optional to the TPG Harmony(QS) module package.

Please contact one of our sales representatives for further information using the contact button on the right or just call us.

PMO Setup via TPG Harmony in Video

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