Quickly Gain Confidence in this Modular Course in Professional Tool Use and Work Management

At fixed dates, the training modules described below are offered in German language only. However, they are available as individual company seminars in English at any time – please contact us if you would like to know more.

Jira-Seminare in Deutsch

Are your employees beginners when it comes to Jira, and are you looking for a seminar in which they can learn the most important things about this tool quickly and reliably? In that case, this modular Jira online training is exactly the right thing for you: save time and gain confidence – right after Module 1 (duration: 4 hours), you will be able to set up projects smoothly. You will know how to manage them and gain visibility into progress and predictable results. Modules 2 and 3 will take you to expert status step by step.

  • Tailored to beginners: Ideal for newcomers to Atlassian Jira (Version: Cloud Server) who appreciate modular training
  • Only knowledge that can be applied in practice: Compact, half-day course modules that complement each other and are taught by experienced TPG experts with exercises and practical examples. In this way, you learn how to set up projects properly from the beginning.
  • Better overview of your projects in the long term: The key Jira basics for project planning (with and without agile approaches) will help you on your way to a more professional hands-on work organization.
  • Individual supervision: The small group, experienced trainers and the structured setup of the seminar leave enough room for your questions.

Module 1: Jira Beginners – The Fundamentals Course

Contents in Detail

This course is meant for people without prior experience with Atlassian Jira. Here is what you will learn in this online training:

  • Overview: Projects, Issues, Workflows
  • Short overview of agile Boards and Epics (extended in the Advanced course)
  • Issue types and contents, hierarchy in Jira
  • Moving Issues through the Workflow and linking them
  • Simple search functions
  • Dashboards
  • Confluence connection

What You Will Be Able to Do after the Training

  • You will know how Projects, Epics, Issues and Sub-Tasks are related.
  • You will be able to use the search function.
  • You will know what Workflows are in Jira and will be able to update the status of entries.
  • You will also be able to access and use this information on agile Boards.
  • You will know how to use Dashboards to get a quick overview of your team’s work status.

Module 2: Jira Advanced – The Advanced Course

Contents in Detail

This seminar is meant for people who have taken part in the Jira fundamentals course and wish to further deepen their knowledge. Here is what you will learn in this online training:

  • Difference between more traditional project management and agile processes
  • How does planning work with Kanban and how with Scrum?
  • Issues for organizing the work of agile teams, e.g. with the aid of Sprints
  • Tracking and reporting, dashboard export of diagrams

What You Will Be Able to Do after the Training

  • You will have gained insight into the tool-related differences and needs of teams planning in the traditional way and those using agile methods.
  • You will have acquired a deeper knowledge of agile Boards (Kanban and Scrum) as well as the particularities of Epics, Issues and Sub-Tasks in this context.
  • You will know how to plan and execute Sprints in Jira.
  • You will be able to share your own dashboards with others and fill them with evaluations.

Module 3: Jira Experts – For Project Administrators

Contents in Detail

This seminar is for people who have taken the Jira Fundamentals and Advanced courses. If you wish to further deepen your knowledge of the proper way to set up your individual projects and boards in Jira, you have come to the right place. Note: this module is NOT for Jira administrators wishing to carry out the technical setup of the Jira system as a whole.

Here is what you will learn in this online training:

  • Overview: Project configuration in Jira
  • Project components, versions
  • Board configuration: Swimlanes, Filters, WIP Limits
  • A few advanced possibilities of Jira / Confluence integration

What You Will Be Able to Do after the Training

  • You will understand the differences of Jira system administration and project configuration.
  • You will know the differences in possibility between Team-managed and Company-managed projects (in Jira Cloud).
  • You will have gained insight into how to configure projects in Jira in accordance with your needs.
  • You will be able to configure agile Boards and set Swimlanes and Filters.
  • You will be familiar with more advanced search commands.

Antje Lehmann-Benz, PMP, ATP Instructor, PMI-ACP, PSM Expert / Instructor for Agile Methods

Antje Lehmann-Benz is a project management instructor with a particular focus on agile issues, such as Scrum and PMI-ACP®, and software such as Atlassian Jira. In addition to teaching frameworks and theory, she is experienced in the use of agile games and practical exercises to reinforce the knowledge gained.

She has many years of training experience and looks back on more than 12 years of active experience in the project environment, also in agile environments with major enterprises, such as Infineon and Bosch.

Patric Eid, PSM, CSCM, Expert and Instructor for Project Management and Agile Methods

Patric Eid has a solid IT background as a certified computer scientist and software engineer. A freelance consultant with Professional Scrum Master I and Certified Scrum Change Manager certificates, he has been taking on project roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner or project manager since 2010. Moreover, he supports project managers and Product Owners as an Agile Coach 1:1. Since 2013, Patric Eid has been an instructor for project and requirements management. His focus is on agile methods and Scrum in particular as well as a combination of traditional project management approaches with agile methods. User training, e.g. for Jira, Confluence and other PM tools, completes his profile. His seminars are characterized by a high practical relevance due to his extensive practical experience in various industries and project roles.

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The seminar has provided me with a good overview of the possibilities and customization options in Jira. I take away many little tips and hints for my daily work. Thanks a lot for that!
Michael Bertges, ÖRAG AG

Very informative. Competent staff. Pleasant atmosphere during the training.
Dominik Flaßkamp, DZ HYP AG

It is evident that the trainer was very well prepared. She responded to all questions, no matter whether the question was asked in the chat or one interrupted briefly. All in all, a very useful and good training course. In a second step, learning by doing solidifies the taught skills.
Thanks a lot for this!
Tanja Lipovsky, Rheinmetall AG