Save Yourself Inefficient Preparation and Master the PMP Exam Confidently with Targeted Expert Tips

Are you a project manager looking for a seminar with sound methodological basics, intensive process knowledge, and ultimately success in the exam? Then you have come to the right place: Increase your market value and secure your future with the internationally most widespread PM certification, the Project Management Professional – PMP®. This seminar prepares you perfectly for this demanding PMI certification.

Or does project management have a high priority in your company and you would like to visibly qualify your project managers to the outside world? Again, this seminar will help you perfectly to achieve this business goal.

PMP certification is particularly helpful for project managers in customer projects.  Certification opens doors here, helps in  the competition to win the interesting project business at better prices, and improves the standing of the project manager with the paying customer.

  • Self-confidence through a large number of practice questions: With our test-like simulation, you get the routine to take the exam quickly. In addition, you can measure your own exam maturity.
  • Focus on the essentials: In the PMP seminar, we train exclusively with relevant content in order to prepare you ideally for the exam.
  • Avoid quality risk: Intensive 5-day training with Oliver F. Lehmann, who is internationally renowned and has successfully accompanied many hundreds of candidates to PMP certification since 2001.
  • Prerequisite for admission to the PMP exam: 35-hour seminar that completely meets the requirements for PMP exam admission.

The seminar is also suitable for preparing for the CAPM exam.

In English language this training is available as a company seminar only.
Click below for the dates of a public PMP training in German language.

Seminar in German

What You Can Do After This Compact PMP Course

  • You are well prepared for the PMP exam and know what you still have to learn
  • You are confident because you know exactly what content is really relevant
  • You know how the registration and examination process is stress-free for you
  • You have got a very good basic understanding of the requirements
  • You know the pitfalls of the PMP exam and know exactly how to master them!

Why the Course Is Much More Effective than Other Exam Preparations

Seminar follows
the examination regulations 1:1

Go into the exam relaxed: This course always uses up-to-date documents that follow the PMI exam content (Examination Content Outline) exactly.

Seminar in German
Public seminars: Understand the English exam questions better: the seminar language is German, the documents with all terminology are in English for better preparation.

Corporate in-house seminars: The seminar can be done in German or English depending on the customer’s wishes.

Large number of practice questions
Get to know the different types of questions and topics. Use the practice questions to measure your exam maturity yourself.

Expert support until the exam
Save time: In case of uncertainties in the preparation phase for the exam, your trainer will support you quickly and with a lot of experience – until your exam success.

Very small groups and best support
Time for your individual questions: With a maximum of 9 participants, this seminar has more time than training done by providers with larger groups.

Permanent PMP exam focus
Gain confidence: You will learn all the contents of the PMBOK® Guide, sample questions as well as a lot of additional knowledge relevant for the exam and professional practice.

All 35 contact hours
Make it easier for you to register for the exam: The seminar includes the required 35 contact hours that you need for admission.

Extensive documents
Secure your complete preparation package: You will receive a handout with over 400 pages of exam-relevant content, practice questions, software, templates, and further support.

PMI Certified Trainer
Take no risks: Your PMI certified and accredited trainer Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP, has trained and mentored professionals to exam success since 2001.

Changes to the PMP exam (as of November 2022)

  • A new standard, “Process Groups: A Practice Guide” replaces the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition
  • It is used for exam questions alongside with PMBOK Guide 7th Ed. and Agile Practice Guide

Changes to the PMP exam (as of February 2022)

  • New: Online submission of documents for audit
  • New option: Online Proctored Testing, alternative to the exam in the Testing Center (4 hours)

CAPM® Certification for Newcomers to Project Management

You do not yet have the required practice in project management for PMP exam admission? No problem. In this case, the PMI certification for newcomers is right for you: the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).The CAPM is a qualification for simple projects and for project assistance in more complex projects.

You need 23 hours of training to be admitted to the exam. The 35-hour PMP seminar includes these 23 hours.

You are also welcome as a CAPM candidate in this PMP seminar. This is excellent as a preparation for the CAPM exam.

Of course, the contents of the PMP seminar go beyond the requirements of the CAPM. The trainer will take you into consideration during the seminar and point out the differences CAPM / PMP. You will also receive special material to support your current learning needs.

After the PMP seminar, you are always well prepared for the CAPM exam. If, like most CAPMs, you later want to “upgrade” to PMP certification, you have already met the formal 35-hour training requirement.

Note: The CAPM exam will be completely renewed in spring 2023. The seminar prepares CAPM candidates for both future and current exams.

The Special Feature: Comprehensive Support During the Preparation Process

In case of uncertainties in the preparation phase for the exam, even after the seminar, your trainer will support you quickly – until the exam is successful.

You will receive a carefully compiled resource pack for PMP certification. This includes software, templates, and many hyperlinks for deepening the seminar material and for application in your own projects.

The seminar language can be German (public and in-house) and English (in-house), the training documents are in English (extensive course material, simulator with 2,000 sample questions and official PMI literature). Thus, you have excellent preparation for the exam. 

Corporate seminars can be held entirely in English on request.

The practice questions we use in the seminar in the style of the exam are in English. However, there are also German translations – if you wish to do so, please let us know in advance.

Our trainer will show you how to measure with certainty whether you are fit for the exam. More than 98% of the participants passed the PMP exam right away. The friendly support and the relaxed atmosphere during the training are repeatedly mentioned positively by the participants.


The seminar follows the official examination regulations of the PMI, which are set out in the Examination Content Outline and have been valid since January 2021.

  • Who is PMI?
  • The registration, preparation and examination process
  • What candidates need to know  about the exam
  • The Examination Content Outline
  • Basics and comprehension aids for the PMBOK® Guide (6th and 7th editions), the Agile Practice Guide and the other sources of the exam
  • Performance Domain People
    • Task 1: Manage conflict
    • Task 2: Lead a team
    • Task 3: Support team performance
    • Task 4: Empower team members and stakeholders
    • Task 5: Ensure team members/stakeholders are adequately trained
    • Task 6: Build a team
    • Task 7: Address and remove impediments, obstacles, and blockers for the team
    • Task 8: Negotiate project agreements
    • Task 9: Collaborate with stakeholders
    • Task 10: Build shared understanding
    • ...
  • Performance Domain People(continued)
    • Task 11: Engage and support virtual teams
    • Task 12: Define team ground rules
    • Task 13: Mentor relevant stakeholders
    • Task 14: Promote team performance through the application of emotional intelligence
    • ...
  • Performance Domain Process
    • Task 1: Execute project with the urgency required to deliver business value
    • Task 2: Manage communications
    • Task 3: Assess and manage risks
    • Task 4: Engage stakeholders
    • Task 5: Plan and manage budget and resources
    • Task 6: Plan and manage schedule
    • ...
  • Performance Domain Process (continued)
    • Task 7: Plan and manage quality of products/deliverables
    • Task 8: Plan and manage scope
    • Task 9: Integrate project planning activities
    • Task 10: Manage project changes
    • Task 11: Plan and manage procurement
    • Task 12: Manage project artifacts
    • Task 13: Determine appropriate project methodology/methods and practices
    • ...
  • Performance Domain Process (continued)
    • Task 14: Establish project governance structure
    • Task 15: Manage project issues
    • Task 16: Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity
    • Task 17: Plan and manage project/phase closure or transitions
    • ...
  • Performance Domain Business Environment
    • Task 1: Plan and manage project compliance
    • Task 2: Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value
    • Task 3: Evaluate and address external business environment changes for impact on scope
    • Task 4: Support organizational change
    • ...
  • Next steps

Investment / Prices

For the open 5-day face-to-face or online seminar in German language, you invest
2,490 EUR plus VAT.

From the 2nd person of a company, the price is reduced to 2.350, - EUR plus VAT.

Dates in German language

We  also recommend that you  consider the following for budget calculation:
1 year membership at PMI:   $ 139
Examination fee (members): $ 405

Total:                               $ 544

Organizational Details

Target group: Project managers and other persons with management and management responsibility in projects with the aim of obtaining the PMP or CAPM certificate

Number of participants: Guaranteed implementation from 3 participants, small group for the best individual learning progress

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for the seminar. Here you can read the requirement for PMP exam admission.

Duration: 5 days

Seminar times: Start of the 1st seminar day 10:00 a.m., otherwise 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. On the 5th day of the seminar, the seminar will end at 16:30. In consultation with the participants, different seminar times can be agreed during the seminar. For company seminars, the seminar times are agreed directly with the trainer in advance.

Location of face-to-face seminars: Munich, Destouchesstraße 68

Coach: Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP, ATP Instructor

Meals: Lunch, drinks, snacks during breaks


Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP, ATP Instructor, Expert & Trainer for PMI Methodology

Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP, has been our trainer for PMP exam preparation for many years. PMI members know him through his work on the board of PMI Southern Germany Chapters e.V. and as a Troubled Projects Analyst for the PMI member magazine PM NETWORK.

After 14 years of project experience in the field of process and project control technology for automotive and OEMs, he began working as a trainer in 1995. In addition to PMI, it has also been certified by CompTIA and Microsoft. He has excellent customer references from training and qualification projects, including Daimler, IBM, SAP, Siemens and T-Systems. Since his PMP certification in 1991, Oliver Lehmann has led well over 1,000 seminar participants to the successful PMP exam; the exam success rate of its participants is over 98%.

He also supports the participants after the seminar and answers questions that the participants ask themselves during the registration, preparation and examination process. He has been in contact with many of the participants he has accompanied on their way to the PMP for years.

In addition,  Oliver F. Lehmann  is a  globally respected expert in the field of project business management. He  likes to show how certification can be  used  as a door opener for  profitable  customer projects.

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February 2021: Virtually in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere professionally competently prepared for the exam by Mr. Lehmann.
Stefan Maier

After this seminar, I feel well prepared and approach the next steps towards PMP certification with a lot of self-confidence.
Fabian Claus, Kappa optronics GmbH

The seminar focused on PMP exam preparation with a competent trainer, and support beyond the seminar. Very good organization and support.
Matthias Ziegel

Super practical relevance and very competent trainer, who always responded to the questions of the participants. Entertaining, informative, and applicable. Also, great support at TPG!
Marc Thüring, quofox GmbH

Very well-organized seminar with high practical relevance. Exam preparation and the tools for daily project success were well balanced.
Olga Chumanskaya, Daimler Corporate Academy

In the preparatory course, I was given all the necessary tools.
Dennis Fischer, Munich Reinsurance Company AG

Excellent training, very good and practical preparation for the PMP exam, Trainer responds very well to the participants.
Thomas Trützschler

I don't know how this complex and extensive material could be better conveyed.
Stefan Reinert, Viacar AG

Very intensive, mediation of the PM is sometimes too short. Very good as exam preparation.
Fabrizio Tuena, Daimler Corporate Achademy

Very good seminar! Small learning group with many new and important insights for the project environment.
Johannes Fischl, MondayCoffee GmbH

In the seminar, you gain an in-depth knowledge of methods. I feel well prepared for the exam.
Viola Thiel, Companeer GmbH

Very well-prepared and entertaining seminar. Lots of helpful information and tips for the PMP exam. Highly recommended!
Gerhard Zirn, DreBo Werkzeugfabrik GmbH

Many valuable tips for the exam were taught.
Georg Dobmeier

The trainer was very good and it was fun to listen.
Rebekka Schäufele, Vodafone - Kabel Deutschland

Everything was very good, thank you!
Hazar Al Asadi, optile GmbH

I am glad that I have chosen this seminar. Very interesting presented and decorated with many interesting examples.
Vlad-Teofil Lungu

The seminar is very extensive and covers the whole spectrum for the PMP. However, the effort is worthwhile in any case to know how to take the next steps and then (hopefully) lead them to the goal.
Stefan Ganserer

I really liked the seminar. 5 stars.
Oliver Voltjes, Turck Elektronics GmbH

Very good seminar
Steffen Moehrer, ON Semiconductor Germany GmbH

Very practical. The chapters in the PMBOK have been worked through in a very comprehensible way. Very helpful seminar!
Özlem Özdalyan, BRAIN GmbH

Since the goal is to take an exam, the final assessment is difficult. But it was a very good seminar!
Jürgen Alexander Gollner, Vienna

Class! There is still something to do, but really recommended for exam preparation.
Andrea Schmitt

I liked the fact that examples were edited together online and that a large resource pack was made available.
Alexandra Biebl, Biebl Consulting

Tight course with very good timing. Comprehensive and interesting content as a good preparation for the exam.
Claus Neumann, Project Management & Consulting

The PMP seminar and the learning material distributed by Mr. Lehmann helped me a lot. Both have summarized the exam-relevant part of the PMBOK well. Useful were the calculation examples (e.g. EMC) and the presentation of the most important tools and techniques.
András Bocsák, Harman/Becker Automotive Systems

It is fascinating how theoretical knowledge can be conveyed in a compact, funny and pictorial way in this mass and in time.
Anne Martignon

The seminar was a perfect preparation for the PMP exam. Although I already had extensive PMBoK previous knowledge and many years of project experience, the participation in this seminar was absolutely worthwhile for me. The practical refreshment of the formal PMI theory and the good preparation with the help of test questions contributed significantly to the fact that I was able to pass my PMP exam shortly after the seminar.
Claus Hönle, T-Systems Enterprise Service GmbH

I am sure that I can put the excellently prepared and presented knowledge from the seminar very well into practice, and am confident that I will also complete the exam positively.
Patrik Bernadik, Munich

Thank you very much for the interesting seminar. I think that really made a difference on the way to the PMP. But also thanks to you personally and to TPG for all the trimmings. I found everything to be very well organized and professional.
Christian Jordan, Tribal DDB GmbH

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