Prices, Modules and Everything Else You Need to Know

Project Online is Microsoft’s cloud-based enterprise tool for project and portfolio management (PPM). It is part of Office 365, the cloud based Microsoft Office solutioncan, and can be used only in the browser. For the Project Online Professional Client, there is also a so-called click-to-run version available, which can be installed locally on your computer.

Modules of the Microsoft PPM Cloud Solution

MS Project Online Professional

Project Online Professional is the cloud version of Microsoft Project Professional. It can be used as a standalone tool but also in connection with Project Server on-premises or Project Online. There is no classic installation. Instead, it is obtained and updated from the Microsoft Cloud. This is important, as new functions are made available in Project Online on a regular basis. Those functions can only be used with the online version of the software.

Project Online

As a component of Office 365, Project Online is a service provided by Microsoft in the cloud. Its functional scope already offers more possibilities than the on premises version Microsoft Project Server 2019. In addition, Project Online is continuously extended with new functions.

You can subscribe to Project Online as required. You will not need your own server infrastructure at your company. The users connect their desktop application directly to the service running in the cloud. Or they access the Project Web App directly from their browser.

Microsoft Project Web App

The browser-based Microsoft Project Web App is available both in Microsoft Project Server and in Project Online. With all established browsers, its users have role-specific access to central data, resources and functions. It allows project managers to plan projects. However, the desktop version offers a notably higher range of functions.

Project Online Tools Comparison

Read about the advantages of using Project Online in more detail (compared to working with Project Online Professional Client alone).

Customer Feedback

“For project management solutions using Office 365, TPG has a very high level of technical expertise. I was also quite impressed with TPG’s commitment, which enables it to find and implement fast, flexible solutions in the most direct way possible, even in a large enterprise.”

Andrea Krause, Project Manager and Administrator, Linde AG

Microsoft is driving its cloud business forward intensively. Therefore, changes in Project Online are available much earlier than in the latest on-premises version of Project Server. After Project Server 2019, there will probably be no further on-premises version. Ultimately, there will be only cloud solutions.

You can find out what additional functionalities Microsoft is planning in the future in the article on the Project Online Roadmap.

Project Online, Target Audiences and License Fees

Office 365 Service Target Audience  License Fees
Project Online Essentials
(only with Project Plan 3 / Plan 5)
 For team members, project participants, business decision-makers USD 7.00 / GBP 4.40 / EUR 5.90 per month per user (Microsoft Source)
Project Online Plan 3
(formerly Project Online Professional)
 For project managers, program managers 

USD 30.00 / GBP 18.70 / EUR 25.30 per month per user (Microsoft Source)

Tip: 30-day trial version free of charge available online here

Project Online Plan 5
(formerly Project Online Premium)
 For project managers, resource managers, PMO, business decision-makers 

USD 55.00 / GBP 34.30 / EUR 46.40 per month per user (Microsoft Source)

Tip: Request your Project Online trial system provided by TPG

Benefits of Project Online

  • Delivers full Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities including demand management, portfolio management, resource management and reporting.
  • Users can work on important portfolio planning tasks as well as monitor and plan projects – from their browser.
  • Create workflows with SharePoint Online  
  • Facilitate easy collaboration and communication in project teams
  • Users can check the status of a project anytime using online dashboards and mobile devices.
  • Portfolio managers, project managers, and team members can access Project Online from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Work mobility with Project Online’s smartphone functionality
  • All operational maintenance is handled through the Project Online service.
  • No upfront infrastructure costs and licenses are purchased as per user basis.
  • Robust disaster recovery capability, globally redundant back-ups, and extensive privacy features. Filters help protect users against spam and viruses.
  • Microsoft offers guaranteed uptimes and support on a 24/7 basis.
  • A good overview of possibilities and benefits is given on this Microsoft page about Project Online.

Customer Feedback

“TPG implemented the Microsoft project management solution for Liebherr Components very systemically and efficiently. Now that we are using the solution, we are also very pleased with the quick response times when we have questions. We were impressed with the consulting team’s expertise and have already highly recommended TPG to other companies.”

Christian Nawrath, PMO Leader, Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH

Quick and at a Fixed Price – TPG QuickStart Solution

Are you looking for a quick and secure way to your individual PPM solution based on Microsoft Project Server, Project Online or Planisware Orchestra? Then TPG QuickStart is the right packaged approach for you: available within just a few weeks – at a fixed price and with interesting extras.

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