TPG QuickStart: Your Economical Fast Track to Project Server or Project Online for Project and Portfolio Management

TPG QuickStart is a turnkey solution for implementing Project Online as well as Project Server. In just a few weeks, you will have your own cost-effective starter solution for cloud-based or on-premises multi-project, portfolio, and resource management.

You will quickly be up and running with this package solution because it gives you a powerful, proven, centralized platform for planning, information, and communication.

A Shared Work Environment for All Roles

TPG QuickStart is based on the powerful Microsoft Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. As all of its components are embedded in SharePoint Online / SharePoint Server / and based on Project Online / Project Server, you have all the functions for project and resource management at your fingertips, along with business intelligence, reporting, document management and list management features.

Everyone in your company who is involved in projects can use this common work environment and information platform: company executives, the PMO, resource-responsible team leaders, project managers, and project team members.

Why Use TPG QuickStart to Introduce Microsoft PPM?

  • Preconfigured solution for project and portfolio management
  • Combines generic processes and best practices
  • Based on the PMBOK Guide and can be used in any industry
  • Comprises workshop, implementation, and training
  • Ready to use in just a few weeks
  • Based on Project Online or Project Server
  • 3 key reports in Microsoft Excel or 21 preconfigured reports in Microsoft Power BI
  • Realization at a fixed price
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How TPG QuickStart Facilitates Your Work

Project Online / Project Server provides you with immediate benefits in these key areas:

Scheduling Having a clear overview of the tasks and progress helps you meet the project deadlines and manage your projects  well.
Time and task management Everyone uses a shared, centralized tool to manage timesheets and scheduling.
Resource management Optimize your project team’s workload and prevent overuse / underuse of resources before it occurs.
Problem and risk management Keep track of problems and risks so that you can minimize or prevent them.
Cost management Monitor how costs are evolving and ensure that your project stays within budget.
Idea management Gather and document the ideas centrally, then analyze them and decide how to implement them.
User-defined fields Make it even easier to analyze your data by including additional details on project status, phase, sponsor, invoicing, and objectives, for example.
Project status Continually monitor your projects using indicators and views showing the costs, duration, hours worked, and deadlines.
Dashboards and reports Having up-to-date, detailed data lets you make quick, well-informed decisions. Detailed dashboards showing KPIs related to portfolios, individual projects, and resource usage ensure that you have a good overview at all times. A drill-down feature gives you greater detail for each report. This lets you proactively manage your projects.
User interface and usability                     Navigating the system is easy and direct thanks to the new, well-designed interface.
Collaboration The ability of team members to work together easily is a key prerequisite for effective, successful projects.
Comprehensive project site The project sites in SharePoint are clearly organized and group all the project-specific information in a central place, thereby facilitating collaboration between project members. (A sample list follows.)
Stakeholder analysis SharePoint list: Manage and analyze all the individuals affecting the project
Change requests SharePoint list: Maintain an overview and track all changes to the project’s goals and objectives
Status reports SharePoint list: With a single click, generate a one-page report showing the project’s current status and summarized details.


“The TPG QuickStart solution has helped us achieve high transparency in project management. Its implementation was straightforward and tailored to our needs. The project participants were able to work independently with the solution after a short training period.”

Edgar Bietsch, IT Network / Service Manager, Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu GmbH & Co. KG

Quick Solution with Standards

Are you trying to:

  • Standardize your project management?
  • Increase its efficiency?
  • Enhance its maturity?

If yes, then TPG QuickStart is the ideal approach for you. The solution is ready to use quickly and based on proven Microsoft technology. It delivers exactly what you need to quickly achieve these goals – at a fixed price.

Online Solution or On-Premises

With TPG QuickStart, you have a choice of two platforms:

Both platforms are implemented in a similar manner, so you can choose the one best suited to your needs.

If you require more reports, you can enhance them with the TPG ReportPack Enterprise.

Note: Microsoft licenses are not included in the TPG QuickStart package.

The Platform Can Be Expanded as Necessary

Right from the start, you will have access to TPG QuickStart’s generic project management processes and best practices gathered from a variety of industries. As your business continues to evolve, you can enhance the platform with new functions and integrate it with other systems in your company.

TPG QuickStart gives you access to proven project management methods and functions. It includes:

  • A preconfigured security concept
  • A customized project plan template
  • Views and reports
  • An enterprise resource pool tailored to your requirements
  • Diverse lists outlining the risks, issues, stakeholders, etc.

Customer Feedback

“In our opinion, the TPG QuickStart package for Project Online, combined with the enhancement for multi-project management, TPG ProjectLink, and TPG TeamManager for resource planning in SharePoint, is the optimal, fast and secure way to implement a central, enterprise-wide solution for project and portfolio management.”

David Hermann, Project Engineer, G+E GETEC Holding GmbH

Preconfigured Standards for Operational Project Management

Alongside basic functions, such as project creation, resource planning, time tracking, and analyses, the TPG QuickStart package in Project Online (or Project Server) also includes practical items such as status icons, selection lists, tables, and filters.

Preconfigured views, filters, and tables are there to help the project manager. Right after implementing Project Online (or Project Server), you have immediate access, at all times, to the information you need. This includes:

  • Critical path
  • Resource utilization
  • A skills-based TeamPlanner
  • Schedule checks

Clearly Understandable Reports with Just a Click

The TPG QuickStart basic package contains a set of key reports based on Power BI (Power BI license information) or alternatively based on Excel. Project managers and management use these to plan and make decisions as well as detailed, easily printable reports about:

  • Project portfolios
  • Individual projects
  • Resource utilization

TPG QuickStart can be expanded as needed, however, with a set of valuable Power BI reports.


    “TPG QuickStart allowed our project managers and team members to work with the new solution within a short amount of time. Using the new TPG tools, our resource planning and project management have become easier and more transparent for all stakeholders.” 

    Markus Knauer, Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH

    Three Steps to Implementing Your Microsoft PPM System

    TPG QuickStart is composed of three phases with clearly defined deliverables. Using standardized documents, standards, and configurations, you will have an effective Microsoft PPM solution in just a few weeks.

    Phase 1: System Configuration

    Activities: Hold kick-off meeting and define what specific customization is needed (remote), conduct workshop on technical infrastructure (remote), develop and gain approval for the technical documentation (remote), assist in provision (Project Online), perform the configuration (remote), create the configuration documentation (remote), do system handover, and conduct acceptance test (remote).

    Deliverables: Technical documentation and configuration documentation

    Duration: approx. 1-3 weeks

    Phase 2: Training

    Activities: Prepare training sessions (remote) / conduct 2-day PPM basics training for the core project team for up to 8 participants (on-site), conduct 2-day admin training for up to 3 participants (on-site).

    Deliverables: TPG QuickStart standard training documents

    Duration: approx. 1 week


    Phase 3: System Enhancements

    Activities: 24 hours of coaching & support (on-site or remote), conduct project completion meeting (remote)

    Deliverables: updated TPG QuickStart configuration documentation

    Duration: approx. 2-4 weeks

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