Successfully Set Up Your Individual PPM Environment

Implementing a Microsoft Project Server / Project Online project management solution and integrating it into existing business processes requires deep knowledge as well as broad experience.

You can be sure that the specialists at TPG The Project Group have both.

With our consulting and products, we increase the maturity level of project management for our customers, increase efficiencies and enable decisions based on facts. As a result, we contribute to their business success.  

The TPG 5-Phase Method is based on more than 20 years of hands-on experience advising medium-sized and large enterprises in all industry segments. Think of it as the “leitmotif” underpinning the planning and implementation of all our Microsoft project management solutions.

Phase 1:
Solution Design – Clear Definition of Requirements

Initial Situation

Dates and scope for the workshops have been agreed on. You have invited all the relevant specialists in your company to participate, including staff from the project organization, project management department, controlling and the PMO.

Kick-Off Workshop

The goal of the first meeting is to obtain a clear understanding of your current situation as well as of the goals of your enterprise-wide project management solution. You will start by seeing an overview of Microsoft PPM so that everyone understands the system’s capabilities.

TPG’s specialists will then collect all the requirements for the system, analyze your existing processes, and make some initial suggestions for proven approaches to meet these requirements. You will receive a report that includes all results as well as some recommendations for the next steps.

Depending on your company’s current situation, we may recommend that processes are optimized first before any work is undertaken on the IT solution. You may decide that your current need is for a resource management solution rather than a PPM system.

Workshop on Planning Processes

This workshop is the next step and deals purely with project creation, time tracking, and resource management as well as the appropriate processes, which we will look at irrespective of the IT solution. The resulting high-level solution concept will give you a clear idea of what the next steps are and which tools are best adapted to your needs – Microsoft PPM on premises or in the cloud or perhaps solutions based on SharePoint.

Training on PPM Basics and Configuration Workshop

If the previous workshops have shown that Microsoft PPM is the right solution for you, the next step is a two-day Microsoft PPM basics training for your core team. As a result of the course, this team will have the knowledge required to make the relevant decisions. The course is an important prerequisite for the next stage – a configuration workshop that defines your new IT solution.

Result of Phase 1

At the end of Phase 1, you will have a comprehensive concept for the overall solution. This includes recommendations along with an implementation schedule and a list of deliverables for the implementation phase. These elements form the basis of our detailed and transparent implementation proposal for your project management solution.

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Phase 2:
Implementation – Building  Your PPM Solution

The Approach: Implementation

Working together with your technical specialists, we install your project management solution and integrate it into your IT environment. The data we will have collected during the workshop is transferred to the pilot system. If necessary, we can program extensions to the complete solution and integrate them step by step.

Result of Phase 2

The technical implementation of the project management solution is complete. The system now has a sufficient range of functions to support the transition to the pilot phase.

Customer Feedback

“TPG implemented the Microsoft project management solution for Liebherr Components very systemically and efficiently.
Now that we are using the solution, we are also very pleased with the quick response times when we have questions – just another indication of TPG’s excellent service. We were impressed with the consulting team’s expertise and have already highly recommended TPG to other companies.”

Christian Nawrath, PMO Leader, Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH

Phase 3:
The Pilot System – Rigorous Testing

The Approach: Pilot System

The project team consists of your project manager and specialists from TPG The Project Group. It guides the pilot team and checks on progress.

The pilot team consists of your project manager and selected key users. It will be trained in the customized Microsoft Project Server system. Pilot team members test the solution in real-life conditions using clearly defined scenarios and test procedures. They document all of their results, which may lead to the pilot system being modified to be ready to go live, if necessary.

To ensure the success of this phase, it is essential that both teams meet regularly; we recommend an interval of weekly meetings.

The Result of Phase 3

The fully configured Microsoft project management solution is ready for production use. The pilot and project teams approve its release from a technical and content-based standpoint.

Phase 4:
Rollout – The Optimized Solution Goes Live

The Approach: Rollout

All of the tools from the past are replaced by the new enterprise-wide Microsoft project management solution. Your trained administrators and project managers transfer your existing projects and documents to the production environment. Your IT department starts deploying the solution to users’ workstations.

In parallel, we run role-based training for users with up-to-date, company-specific data and structures related to the work processes of each job function. This enables users to see how the Microsoft project management solution will make their own work easier.

Depending on the scope of your Microsoft project management solution, it might be advisable or even necessary to customize the training documents beforehand.

Result of Phase 4

You have achieved your goal! Your professional Microsoft project management solution is ready to use. It is being utilized by individually trained users in all areas.

Phase 5:
Production – Safe Operation with Competent Support

The Approach: Production

Your personalized project management solution is an investment in people, products, and processes. It will be used for many years and become a part of your everyday work.

TPG The Project Group supports you with regular maintenance, staff coaching, and fast support. If necessary, we can adapt the Microsoft project management solution to new system environments or requirements.

If required, adaptions of the Microsoft Project Server system are possible, e.g. when your IT environment changes or due to new requirements. The data and knowledge amassed by the system underpin your ongoing productivity improvements.

Final Result of the Project

You benefit from simplified workflows and higher efficiency due to your new Microsoft Project Server / Project Online project management solution. If you desire the experts of TPG The Project Group are pleased to give you active support during the entire lifecycle of your project management system.

Security and Reliability for the Future – All over the World

TPG The Project Group has offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, Canada and in the MEA region. Our international network of authorized partners covers all continents. As a result, our customers can count on our support for a multinational rollout if required.

Customer Feedback

“TPG has successfully implemented an efficient solution that clearly addresses the specialized requirements of the European Patent Office. We now have a very practical platform for handling projects that uses standard Microsoft software − a solution that we were able to realize without undue effort.”

Dr. Christian Bocklitz, Head of Department Building Projects, European Patent Office