For Team Members – Save up to 90% on License Fees

Project Online Essentials (formerly known as Project Lite) is an add-on for team members. It targets customers that have Project Online Professional, Project Online Premium or Project Server 2019, 2016 or 2013. This attractively priced license is ideal for project team members who often only use a few functions in the project management software.

Limited Functions of Project Online Essentials

The following functions are available to users with a Project Online Essentials license (see bottom of the page for more details):

  • Work on tasks
  • Report problems and risks
  • Timesheet entries / time reporting
  • Collaboration with other people working on the project

License Fees of Project Online Essentials – Save up to 90%

A user with a Project Online Essentials license can benefit from all the above functions and those described below in more detail. The license costs just USD 7.00 (in the US) or GBP 4.40 (in the UK) per user and per month (status 2019/01, US source, UK source).

Compared to license costs (with an annual subscription) for

  • Project Plan 3 (formerly Project Online Professional) = USD 30 (US) / GBP 18,70 (UK) per user per month
  • Project Plan 5 (formerly Project Online Premium) = USD 55 (US) / GBP 34,30 (UK) per user per month

this is a saving of 80% to 90%.

Please note: Project Online Essentials is not a standalone solution. Your company will need to have Project Plan 3, Project Plan 5 or Microsoft Project Server, before you can leverage Project Online Essentials.

Work in the Cloud and on Your Own Project Server

Team members with a Project Online Essentials license can carry out all the activities mentioned above on a Microsoft Project Server (2019, 2016 or 2013) system on-premises as well as online.

If some team members are to be involved in the project for only a short time, Project Online Essentials is an interesting and cost-effective license model.


Foster Communication and Collaboration in Your Projects

When working on projects, communication is a key success factor. Just like Project Plan 3 / Plan 5, Project Online Essentials supports the integration of MS Teams to give you a comprehensive communication solution you can use from within your project plan.

Please note: MS Teams is a useful solution for instant messaging, video, IP telephony and online meetings. It has to be purchased separately, since it is not included in the Project Online service.

What a Project Online Essentials License Offers to Team Members

TimesheetsEnables team members to view timesheets, enter hours, add or remove tasks from timesheets and turn in timesheets.
Manage tasksTeam members can report the progress of tasks, add new tasks, assign themselves to existing tasks and assign their tasks to someone else on the team.
Add issues and
Allows team members to add information about project issues and risks. It enables them to link issues and risks to specific tasks on the plan.
CollaborationPerfect collaborative environment for team members. They can store and work on project documents, view other projects across the organization, view updates that have been submitted for approval etc.
Access anywhere             With Project Online Essentials, team members can be productive from virtually any device from almost anywhere.
Getting startedEnables team members to ramp up quickly, collaborate with one another and manage their tasks effectively.