The Big and the Smaller Solution for Idea Management with Microsoft 365 Services – Drive Your Ideas to Success

In today’s competitive market, the right ideas for innovations, enhancements and cost-savings are more valuable than ever. But creative inspiration alone is not enough – the important thing is to use it profitably.

In many companies, the process of innovation and idea management is inefficient because staff use multiple channels to collect their ideas. They work on ideas with a range of different tools until the company eventually decides to implement or reject the idea – or until the idea just fizzles out due to a lack of attention or oversight. This way of working often leads to resentment and is a waste of valuable time.

It is therefore advantageous to have a solution that helps you manage the standardized process effectively − one that combines all the activities in a single tool. TPG offers you the choice of two Microsoft Cloud tools, both based on Microsoft 365:

Comparison of the two solutions

 TPG IdeaManagementedison365ideas
Generate ideas from the bottom upXX
Generate ideas from the top down X
Accessible on mobile devicesXX
Email notificationsXX
Competition function and
idea collaboration
Ideas evaluated using graphic
interface, scoring
Integrated with Microsoft 365XX
Reporting via Power BIXX
Permissions managed within the toolXX
Create campaignsXX
Continual updates in background
mode (“evergreen”)

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”This solution optimally supports our process from the initial idea right through the project itself. We were pleasantly surprised at how fast it was to implement. Thanks to this flexible Microsoft-based tool, we now have clearly-defined responsibilities, good documentation, and an instant overview of all the projects and their statuses.“

Heinz Lanner, Senior Director Operations & PMO, WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd.