TPG QuickStart for Planisware Orchestra – Quick Boost for the Maturity Level of Your Project Management – At a Fixed Price


TPG QuickStart for Planisware Orchestra is a cost-effective implementation of your own web-based solution for multi-project, portfolio and resource management. In just a few weeks, you will have all the tools you need for planning, implementing and tracking your project portfolio. Moreover, users and administrators will be working with standardized best-practice approaches and will have completed their training to ensure they make the best possible use of the tool.

With TPG QuickStart, you will quickly be up and running because it gives you a powerful, proven, centralized platform for planning, information, and communication for your project environment. Thus, you will raise the maturity level of your project management and be primed for an increase in successful projects in the future.

A Shared Work Environment for All Roles

TPG QuickStart for Planisware Orchestra relies on Version 7 of the powerful tool. It presents a new user experience with powerful functionality for the different user groups.

The modern web solution focuses on real-time collaboration. It enables all people in the project environment – top management, PMO, team leaders, project managers and project team members – to collaborate very efficiently from anywhere.

Planisware Orchestra Implementation – Why Use TPG QuickStart?

  • Preconfigured solution for project and portfolio management
  • Combines generic processes and best practices
  • Sector-independent and compatible with both traditional and agile project management
  • Preconfigured reports with expandable dashboards
  • Effective resource management at project, program, portfolio and team levels
  • Covers workshop, implementation, training and consulting
  • Ready-to-use in just a few weeks
  • Clearly defined scope and realization at a fixed price

How TPG QuickStart Facilitates Your Work

Directly after implementation, your Planisware Orchestra solution will provide you with immediate benefits in these key areas:

Scheduling Having a clear overview of the tasks and progress helps you meet the project deadlines and manage your projects well.
Time and task management     Everyone uses a shared, centralized tool to manage timesheets and scheduling.
Resource management Optimize your project team’s workload and prevent overuse / underuse of resources before it occurs.
Problem and risk management Keep track of problems and risks so that you can minimize or prevent them.
Cost management Monitor how costs are evolving and ensure that your project stays within budget.
Idea management Gather and document project ideas centrally, then analyze them and decide how to implement them.
Custom fields Make it even easier to analyze your data by including additional details on project status, phase, sponsor, invoicing, and objectives, for example.
Project status Continually monitor your projects using indicators and views showing the costs, duration, effort, and deadlines.
Dashboards and reports Having current, detailed data lets you make quick, well-informed decisions. Detailed dashboards showing KPIs related to portfolios, individual projects, and resource usage ensure that you have a good overview at all times. A drill-down feature gives you greater detail for each report. This lets you proactively manage your projects.
User interface and usability           Navigating the system is easy and direct thanks to the new, well-designed interface.
Collaboration The ability of team members to work together easily is a key prerequisite for effective, successful projects. Each change in a project is documented which means the project manager will know which team member made what change.
Comprehensive project workspace The project homepage is clearly organized and gives authorized project participants central access to documents, risks, action plans, and boards, thereby facilitating collaboration between project members.

Operation in the Cloud (SaaS Solution)

Planisware Orchestra is hosted on servers managed by, and in the possession of, Planisware (private cloud, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II certified). In addition, Planisware holds the TISAX Level 3 certification.

Planisware Orchestra is accessed via standard web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Note: Planisware Orchestra licenses are not part of TPG QuickStart and have to be purchased separately from the producer. We are happy to advise you regarding the required licenses and procurement costs.

The Platform Can Be Expanded as Necessary

Directly after implementing TPG QuickStart, you will have access to generic processes of project management and best practices from different industries. As your maturity level continues to evolve, you can enhance the platform with new functions and integrate it with other systems in your company.

TPG QuickStart for Planisware Orchestra allows the access to proven methods and functions of project management. It employs:

  • Preconfigured roles and profiles for a consistent security concept
  • Customized project types with or without Stage-Gate concept
  • Preconfigured reports in different file types with customizable dashboards
  • Over 150 KPIs, presented in time phases and easy to access via the project homepage
  • A central enterprise resource pool tailored to your requirements
  • Extensive cost and resource management at project, portfolio, team and task level
  • Risk management with action plans, individually adapted to your requirements

Preconfigured Standards for Operational Project Management

In addition to basic functions such as project creation, resource planning, time tracking and evaluation, the TPG QuickStart includes field-tested traffic light indicators, pick lists, tables and dashboards.

Dashboards and lists to support the project manager are already preconfigured. Right from the start, it is easy to access the desired information from your own project. This will include:

  • Resource utilization
  • Cost monitoring
  • Schedule checks
  • Critical path

Meaningful Reports at the Push of a Button

TPG Quickstart contains a set of key reports. Project managers and management use these to plan and make decisions: 

  • Flash Reports (status reports)
  • Indicator history reports
  • Preconfigured reports
    • Effort by year and resource type
    • Effort by month and resource type
    • Effort performed by month and resource type / resource / permanent activity
    • Cost (plan / actual) by year
    • Cost (plan / actual) by month
    • Project progress
    • Project overview


“TPG QuickStart allowed our project managers and team members to work with the new solution within a short amount of time. Using the new TPG tools, our resource planning and project management have become easier and more transparent for all stakeholders.”

Markus Knauer, Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH

Three Steps to Implementing Your Own Planisware PPM System

TPG QuickStart is composed of three phases with clearly defined deliverables. Using standardized documents, standards and configurations, you will increase your project management maturity level in a very short time. In just a few weeks, you will have your own ready-to-use Planisware Orchestra solution for all participants.

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