Create Apps for Mobile Devices Easily with Microsoft 365 without Programming

What Is Microsoft PowerApps?

Microsoft PowerApps makes creating and publishing mobile and online apps a breeze. Developers and non-technical users use this service from the Office 365 environment to develop apps on the basis of freely selectable templates among other things. Special programming skills are not required.

Employees of a company without developer training or experience can easily create their own small programs for smartphones or tablets using PowerApps. One use case would be, for example, that employees and partners get access to required business data.

Who Is Microsoft PowerApps For?

Microsoft PowerApps is intended for the following use cases:

  • For people without developer know-how who want to create apps on the basis of templates and sample data
  • For users with some experience who want to develop their own apps quickly and creatively from scratch
  • For experienced developers who want to take advantage of the enhanced features and create real innovations

Creating Apps from PowerApps Templates

With PowerApps, Microsoft allows users the easy creation of apps from templates at the click of a mouse.

The visual design, drag & drop functions and the familiar user interface adopted from PowerPoint allow you to generate a fully functional app in just a few steps.

And this is how you do it:

Step 1

Select an existing template on by clicking on it.

Step 2

After you have selected a suitable template, you will be forwarded to the PowerApps Studio page. Here, you can edit the app design like in a PowerPoint slide.

Step 3

Save your app template and your first app is done. You can also share the apps with other employees to achieve more together.

In addition to the selection from a wide range of templates, you can also create your apps for smartphones or tablets in PowerApps Studio without any restrictions.

Where Does the Data for PowerApps Come from?

Microsoft PowerApps provides you with connectors. These serve as an interface to other services within or outside the Microsoft Cloud. This way, you can easily create connections to your data sources.

What is so special about this is that you can integrate third-party services (for example, Salesforce, RSS and Google Drive) beyond the Microsoft 365 environment.

You can set up gateways for data that are stored locally and not in the cloud. This way, you create a reliable connection between PowerApps and your local data source.

You will set up both the connectors and the gateways on the page

At the Office, on the Desktop or on Mobile Devices

Microsoft PowerApps is available on different devices: online and as a mobile application. This applies to iOS devices as well as Android phones or tablets.

Microsoft PowerApps Components

PowerApps is made up of different components based on whose interaction you generate, share and manage apps. Microsoft PowerApps includes:

  • This is your home page where you can find all your apps, data connections and flows.
  • PowerApps Studio: This is where you create your powerful apps via the graphical user interface.
  • PowerApps Mobile: For running apps on Windows, iOS and Android devices.
  • PowerApps Admin Center: This is the central place for managing PowerApps.
  • Common Data Service for Apps: This is needed for the integration of business data from various sources.

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