Customized Business Solutions for Increased Transparency in Complex Multi-Project Environments

Every day, medium-sized and large enterprises are managing hundreds, even thousands, of projects in parallel. With a limited amount of human resources, tight schedules and finances, project managers have to hold their ground.

A powerful solution for complex multi-project and program management should provide options for transparent control. To this end, companies often use multi-project overviews in the form of milestone plans. The solution should also be easy to use across company boundaries.

Microsoft PPM and Planisware PPM are both proven and powerful tools with which this type of solution can be realized. TPG ProjectLink – an addin product for Microsoft PPM – enables collaboration across multiple projects and in programs. It ensures high performance and optimal transparency for project managers and steering committees regarding schedules, work and costs across projects.

What Can the Right Solution Do for You?

Drivers   Benefits
Multi-Project Transparency TPG ProjectLink provides increased transparency thanks to links between tasks across different project plans.
Roll-up Reporting TPG ProjectLink provides automatically created multi-project overviews with status indications for the steering committee.
External Project Alignment TPG ProjectLink enables simple and targeted links between tasks in project plans, even across company boundaries. For instance, this is particularly interesting when collaborating with external suppliers.
Easy Sharing of Information TPG ProjectLink allows you to mirror external project tasks in your own project plan. This provides a clear, graphical comparison of the tasks. This makes it easy to modify planning for interdependent projects.
Up-to-Date Information TPG ProjectLink saves critical time during projects by providing access to key information about changes in both internal and external projects.
Ease of Use TPG ProjectLink offers complete information on other projects’ tasks and status information without the need to open each individual project.


“TPG ProjectLink makes it easier to work with links between projects, while increasing transparency and giving us a good basis for decision-making. I particularly like the fact that we can choose between different types of link.”

Jaap Van der Meulen, Program Manager, Elster Instromet