Customized Business Solutions for Reliable Data Exchange between IT Systems in the Project Environment

TPG The Project Group is a leading provider for the integration of Microsoft PPM or Planisware PPM with SAP, SharePoint, JIRA, TFS, CRM and other systems. Integration capabilities allow the bi-directional flow of important resource, financial and project data between Microsoft Project and ERP systems – both between “on premises” and cloud systems. 

Connecting an Enterprise Project Management system with your ERP system eliminates dual entry, ensures consistency of information between the two systems and simplifies project management processes.

TPG’s flagship integration product, TPG PSLink®, is a dynamic middleware product that allows the seamless sharing of information between several systems. After more than 20 years of successful integration, the product has proven its reliability and value across many industries. Thus, seamless data exchange through integration of IT systems for project planning, task management, controlling, CRM, collaboration, document management etc. is both possible and reliable.

What Can the Right Solution Do for You?

Drivers   Benefits
Eliminate Dual Entry TPG PSLink® integration eliminates the need to manage data in two or more different systems. It reduces administrative tasks by eliminating dual entry of resource master data, resource time, project costs and actuals.
End-to-End Processes TPG PSLink® integration simplifies multiple tasks with streamlined, end-to-end project management processes.
Project Financials Alignment TPG PSLink® integration synchronizes project financials, actuals and forecasts with the information in your ERP system. This allows proper project controlling in the ERP system as well as in the PPM system. Real-time project financials are tracked within Microsoft Project Server from your ERP database.
Reliable Reporting and Data TPG PSLink® integration improves project data quality for project leaders, accounting staff and management.
Up-to-Date Resource Information TPG ResourceLink integration ensures resource information within your project environment is always up to date. Integrate resource names, roles, cost centers, cost rates and availability directly from SAP, Active Directory, SQL Server and more.
Return on Investment (ROI) TPG PSLink® integration offers rapid ROI. Control project details directly from one system and ensure consistency and real-time information in reporting.

Customer Feedback

“By integrating Project Server with SAP using TPG PSLink, we have been able to reduce the time needed for our regular budget planning from three man-weeks to one man-day.”

Helmut Kölbl, Senior Program Manager, Harman International