Renewable Hydrogen and Syngas: Dynamic Growth Demands Efficient Project and Resource Management

The Company: The German company Sunfire is a global leader for industrial electrolyzers. It develops and produces highly efficient industrial electrolyzers generating renewable hydrogen and syngas. In this way, Sunfire enables the sustainable transformation of energy-intensive sectors such as the chemical, fuel and steel industries. The company relies on innovative high-temperature SOEC electrolyzers and a high-pressure alkaline technology that has been tried and tested over decades.

The Challenge: As a dynamically growing company, Sunfire was up against the challenge of aligning its existing tools and processes to the fast increase in employee numbers without disrupting its ongoing business. This included the introduction of professional project management with the setup of a Project Management Office (PMO) and the implementation of powerful software for project, portfolio and resource management.

The Solution: With TPG QuickStart, the company opted for a customizable packaged solution enabling the quick availability of a project management system based on Microsoft Project Online. The Power BI (Business Intelligence) ReportPack as well as a workshop and training for users are also part of the TPG QuickStart package. In addition, Sunfire chose TPG TeamManager, a powerful tool for resource management.

The Benefits: Within only a few weeks, Sunfire future-proofed its project management during ongoing business with high resource utilization. Due to the scalability of the solution, the company is also positioned for further growth. In addition, Sunfire now has a holistic resource management tool for the Engineering department with TPG TeamManager. Power BI analyzes processes and provides processed data and key performance indicators (KPIs) as a basis for sound business decisions.


“The TPG solution has made our resource situation more transparent enabling us to recognize employee overload and underload at an early stage and to react to it.”

Stefan Linke, Head of Project Management Office, Sunfire GmbH