TPG Project2Teams: The Central Communication Hub for Project Online Environments

If communication and the exchange of information between the project participants do not work well, even the best project planning will reach its limits. Project coordination usually takes place exclusively in online and offline meetings as well as by e-mail. Documents are stored in file systems that not all contributors can access. With so many communication channels, it is difficult to keep those involved up to date at all times.

This is bound to cause problems: different participants may work with different, incomplete or even outdated information. And this will slow down the execution of your projects. How can you stop this from happening? A Microsoft Teams hub for Project Online can support you in that.

The ready-to-use solution TPG Project2Teams helps you to eliminate the risk of information gaps by automatically creating a centralized project team on the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform – as soon as you assign resources to your project. All your team members can access important information any time.

And Microsoft Teams will give them a wealth of collaboration tools too, including individual and team chats as well as video conferencing, group document editing and access to the Microsoft Office 365 range of solutions.

The Process: From the Project to a Microsoft Teams Hub

  • Step 1: The project manager assigns resources to the project.
  • Step 2: Once the resources have been created, the TPG Project2Teams workflow transfers them to Microsoft Teams.
  • Step 3: All of the project communication is now carried out centrally via the project-specific Microsoft Teams hub, including chat and online meeting communications as well as access, uploads and shared editing of project-related documents etc.   


Advantages of this Microsoft Teams Hub Solution

  • Simpler collaboration: in the Microsoft Teams hub, you can work on documents as a group and communicate with project team members.
  • Centralized access: your project participants can find all important documents and messages in a centralized place that offers role-specific access rights.
  • Expandable user group: add new project participants to Microsoft Teams and assign the right role to them.
  • Adapts to your needs: initiate the TPG Project2Teams workflow the way you want – as part of an existing SharePoint workflow or at predefined intervals.
  • Flexible expansion: combine your solution with other Office 365 productivity tools, such as Microsoft Planner, SharePoint Online, Outlook etc.
  • Future-proof technology: use Microsoft standards instead of risking dependency with a customized development.

What Does TPG Project2Teams Include?

The implementation of TPG Project2Teams is easy and fast: the solution is preconfigured and “remotely” deployed. The complete turnkey package includes the following:

  • Configuration of Azure Serverless Functions
    – Import of resources for a project into Project Online
    – Creation of a project-specific team environment in Microsoft Teams
  • Choose from two different methods of executing the process:
    – Planned execution at predefined intervals
    – Integration of the process execution into an existing SharePoint workflow

    Fixed Deliverables plus Customization

    Activities: Run kick-off & configuration workshop, execute configuration, create configuration documentation, handover of system and acceptance

    Deliverables: Configuration documentation

    Duration: approx. 1-2 weeks

    Licenses for the Tools Used

    Before getting started, please ensure that you meet the license-related requirements. In order to run TPG Project2Teams, you need the licenses for the following Microsoft products:

    • Project Online
    • Azure Functions
    • Microsoft Teams

    If you do not  have the relevant licenses yet, you can purchase Office 365 licenses from TPG as well.