TPG IdeaManagement: The Turnkey Solution for the Idea Management Process with Office 365 Services

In today’s competitive market, the right ideas for innovations, enhancements and cost-savings are more valuable than ever. But creative inspiration alone is not enough – the important thing is to use it profitably.

In many companies, the process of innovation and idea management is inefficient because staff use multiple channels to collect their ideas. They work on ideas with a range of different tools until the company eventually decides to implement or reject the idea – or until the idea just fizzles out due to a lack of attention or oversight. This way of working often leads to resentment and is a waste of valuable time.

An intelligent solution based on a single data pool makes the whole process significantly more efficient. This is where TPG IdeaManagement comes in. Based on mobile Microsoft O365 apps with Power BI and workflows, it’s a turnkey solution that provides a great alternative as it covers the entire idea management process from end to end.

The Process: From the Idea to the Project

  • Step 1: Your staff note down their ideas in an app on their mobile device.
  • Step 2: Decision-makers automatically receive these ideas and can either approve or dissapprove them.
  • Step 3: Interactive reports about one idea or the idea-pipeline support the decision-making process.
  • Step 4: In combination with Project Online, you can transform approved ideas into projects (optional).


Advantages of this Idea Management Solution

  • Efficient: Noting and managing ideas has never been easier – due to the mobile app and automated processes.
  • Reliable: The centralized data storage offers an overview of your idea pipeline and status.
  • Fast: TPG IdeaManagement is preconfigured – you can use it within a very short time.
  • Future-ready: Microsoft SharePoint and Cloud technology ensure full flexibility for future enhancements.

Video: Ideenmanagement-Software – Funktionalitäten

Darstellung des Anwendungsfalls von TPG IdeaManagement zur automatischen Anlage eines Projekts in Project Online aus Ihrem CRM-System.


What Does TPG IdeaManagement Include?

The implementation of TPG IdeaManagement is easy and fast: the solution is preconfigured and “remotely” deployed. The complete turnkey package includes the following:

  • A Project Ideas list in SharePoint with 3 predefined views (+ 4 lists to be defined in the background)
  • A workflow for approval board notifications and authorizations
  • An app enabling staff to note down their ideas on their mobile device
  • 2 Power BI reports for idea evaluation and for an overview of the idea pipeline (incl. filter function)
  • Java Script programming for authorizations / creation of the “approval board” group in SharePoint
  • Options for personalizing the basic version (e.g. geographical data, categories, individual approval)

    3 Steps to Your Customized Idea Management Solution

    Phase 1: Creation of Basic System

    Activities: Run kick-off & configuration workshop, execute configuration, create configuration documentation, handover of system and acceptance

    Deliverables: Configuration documentation

    Duration: approx. 1-2 weeks (installation / configuration / licenses of Microsoft solutions not included in the package)

    Phase 2: Training

    Activities: Prepare and carry out half a day training for decision-makers and idea providers

    Deliverables: Standard training documentation

    Duration: approx. 1 week

    Phase 3: Extension of Basic System

    Activities: 8 hours’ consulting for coaching, support and extensions (to be ordered within 4 weeks after system handover), final project meeting

    Deliverables: Updated configuration documentation

    Duration: approx. 1-2 weeks

    Licenses for the Tools Used

    Before you get started, please ensure that you meet the license-related requirements. In order to run TPG IdeaManagement, you need the licenses for the following Microsoft products:

    • SharePoint
    • Microsoft Power BI
    • Microsoft Power Apps
    • Project Online (optional)

    If you do not have the relevant licenses yet, you can purchase Office 365 licenses from TPG The Project Group as well.