Higher Customer Satisfaction at Lift and Hoist Manufacturer

The Company: For over 90 years, GEDA has stood for competence, safety and quality in the construction machinery sector. It has a broad product portfolio, from small 60kg winch up to 3.7-ton personnel and material hoists with lifting heights of up to 400m. GEDA comprises two main business units: temporary hoists (used for building renovations) and permanent hoists used in several sectors (e.g. power plants) to provide access for workers and materials.

The Challenge: GEDA’s permanent hoist division is relatively new and has enjoyed a rapid growth in orders over the last few years. The company used Microsoft Project Client to manage its first few projects. However, with the rapid increase in orders and interdependencies due to the fact that resources often work on several projects in parallel, GEDA decided to scale up to a more powerful project management solution underpinned by a database. 

The Solution: With relatively little internal project management experience, GEDA looked for a solution that would have fast results while remaining cost-effective and quick to implement. Having viewed TPG’s introductory videos on YouTube, the GEDA project team shortlisted TPG QuickStart and another solution. Their decision was based on the solution’s proven use in dozens of other companies, as well as on TPG’s customer reference list.  

The Benefits: The first benefit has been increased resource planning transparency with the help of new processes that TPG helped design and implement. Resource planning is also much faster and more effective now, enabling tasks to be assigned to individual project team members quickly and easily. In addition, customers have already noticed a more coordinated and better organized approach to the management of their GEDA projects.


“Once we found TPG and its YouTube videos, we had a much better idea of where we needed to be heading. A benefit of the new solution is a higher level of customer satisfaction. Customers have already noticed a more streamlined and efficient approach to the management of their GEDA projects.”

Magnus Römer, PMO & Project Manager at GEDA