Professional Project Management – The Basics with Practical Examples

Are you looking to introduce professional project management at your company? If so, this project management training on the PM basics is exactly the right thing for you and your team.

In this practice-oriented training you will learn all the essentials of project management – starting with the very basics – through compact and well-structured tuition by professional trainers from the project management field.

This online company seminar will give you exactly the right start and allow you to internalize the project management basics for successful future projects in your company.

Project Management Training with Practical Experience

The “Project Management in Practice” training is a step-by-step process model, not a seminar on theoretical standards. On the contrary, you will learn, understand and have to apply what you have learned directly to intensify your learning. The starting point is a generic project lifecycle, which consists of initiation, start, execution and completion.

Some theoretical principles, of course, also have to be covered in this seminar for beginners in project management. However, these are not merely presented in the training. Quite the opposite, you will also apply the theory directly. This is not only exciting, but it also leads to increased success.

Thus, your newly acquired knowledge is improved right away, gains real practical relevance, and stays fresh in your mind.

What You Will Be Able to Do after the Seminar

After this practical project management seminar you will have the knowledge to define parameters for projects, define project orders, carry out project planning, manage project implementation and changes, and bring a project to a successful completion.


  • Basic principles and key concepts in project management
  • Project lifecycle
  • Business case
  • Project roles
  • Project organization
  • Project delimitation and context
  • Project order definition
  • Project work planning
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Scheduling, resource and cost planning
  • Dealing with project risks
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Communication planning
  • Project steering and control
  • Reporting and presenting project status
  • Change management
  • Project completion
  • “Lessons learned”
  • Practical excercises and tasks

What You Need to Know

Target group: Prospective project managers, subproject managers, project assistants, project team members, line managers

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge in project management is not necessary

Duration: 2 days

Number of participants: Recommendations will be given in the advisory meeting

Interested in this seminar?
We offer this seminar only as an individual company seminar online.

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“We have intentionally invited employees from different hierarchical levels to the seminar – from project managers with team leadership tasks to project employees with growth potential. The project managers have learned that clear and unambiguous goals are incredibly important, the employees that a constructive ‘no’ is also possible if something threatens to get out of hand.”

Arne Lenz, Head of Project Office, synlab Services GmbH