Scrum Seminar: Basics & PSM Certification

Scrum Training on the Basics of the Framework for Beginners

Are you looking for an Agile Project Management seminar? This Scrum seminar in Munich introduces participants without previous knowledge to the basics of the Scrum Framework. The training comprises 2½ seminar days. The seminar provides optimal preparation for the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM) exam by

The Scrum training includes the option to take the exam for the Scrum Master Certification directly online. This will be possible on the afternoon of the third day. 

As an R.E.P., we award 14 PDUs for this seminar.

If you are looking for this seminar in German, you can register here.

In English, we only offer it as a company seminar.

Benefits – What You Will Be Able to Do after the Scrum Training

After the Scrum training, you will be familiar with the Scrum Framework including the related tools. With the aid of the sample questions covered in the training, you will be optimally prepared for the Professional Scrum Master I Certification exam by And if you decide to take the exam on the third day directly thereafter, you will come out of the Scrum training with the PSM certificate in the best case.

The Contents of This Seminar in Detail

  • Introduction Agile Practices & Mindset
  • Extensive Overview of the Scrum Framework including:
    • Tools in Scrum (“Artifacts”)
    • The Scrum Team
    • Scrum Events
    • Scrum Glossary & Values
    • Further Topics & Important Concepts
  • Sample Questions for the PSM Exam

Training material (in English):

  • Handout including Scrum Guide
  • Sample questions (developed for the seminar)
  • Links to PSM exam preparation literature and further resources
  • Info sheets and posters for easier memorization

The printed handout consists of the slides shown in the seminar including the sample questions and an appendix with the Scrum Guide and Glossary to clarify terms. It contains all important further links and information as well as space for notes. 

The participants will also get to know details about the examination process of the Scrum Master Certification. This will give you confidence and knowledge of what you should pay special attention to. 

The seminar language is German (German or English if booked as a company seminar). The material and the exam are in English. Central concepts of the Scrum Framework are explained in detail in the seminar. For better comprehension, they are also translated to German if necessary.

Target audience: Project managers, project assistants, sub-project managers, team leaders, agile practitioners 

Prerequisites: Basics of project management 

Duration: 3 days (2.5 days of theory, optional 0.5 days of self-study and exam) 

Teaching hours: 9am - 5pm unless otherwise agreed. 

Location: Munich, Destouchesstraße 68 

We also offer this seminar as a Scrum company seminar in English or German at your company’s premises. 

Price: For 2.5 days training: EUR 1.450 plus VAT for the German seminar in Munich.
For a company seminar, provided on request.

Note: If you would like to take the online exam on the third day, you will have to pay an additional EUR 150 examination fee. When registering, please note in the comment field if you would like to take the exam with us.

High Level of Practical Relevance and Good Atmosphere

TPG The Project Group is one of the top names globally when it comes to Microsoft Project. We have over 20 years of experience in the project consulting and Microsoft Project training field. Our trainers are certified experts and extensive experience working with customers in all industries. For you, this ensures course content with a high level of practical relevance and up-to-date real-world examples.

Microsoft Project Training

Feedback from Seminar Participants:

Trainers with real-world consulting experience

Accessible examples from actual experience

Not simply working through set scripts

Personal attention

Pleasant atmosphere

Friendly service

If you would like to attend TPG training courses in German language please check out the specific dates for our open MS Project or PMP seminars in Munich.