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Agile and Hybrid Portfolio Management: The Missing Link

Webinar on November 19th, 2019 (1:30 - 2:30 pm CEST)
Language: English

Strategic Portfolio existing frameworks rely on the capacity to predict expected value (the promise) versus costs and resources needed (the constrains) to deliver the projects (Waterfall) or epics (Agile) supporting the organizational strategy. But predicting value on iterative, nonpredictable items such as epics and backlogs is antagonistic per definition, as Agile is a discovery model. So, how can you maximize the value of a constrained portfolio when value predictability is not steady? Moreover in today’s organizations, Agile and Cascade project co-exists, mixing predictable and non-predictable models. Add the fact the Top Management thinks traditionally and need predictability, and you have a real nut to crack.

Concentrating on this flaw in the current existing Portfolio frameworks, we are proposing a metric based approach named the “Product Based Value”, that aims at solving all problems identified above. Following the delivery of the presentation during the PMI 50th anniversary conference, TPG is happy to provide this webinar to our European Market.

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