MS Project Resource Planning in Line Organizations

TPG ProjectLink: Optimized Coordination Between Project and Line

In a line organization, the project manager receives results from the departments. He only has to coordinate delivery times. He does not, however, need to agree with the line managers on individual resources as is the case in a matrix organization.

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Coodrination Project Line

This is how TPG ProjectLink works

As a project manager, you can use Microsoft Project to prepare the time-related requirements you need from line managers. They then carry out their detailed planning in Microsoft Project. The summary task made up of the line managers’ responses is displayed in your Gantt chart. This enables you to coordinate with the line manager in case any discrepancies arise.

Alongside time-related information, other field content such as work, costs, notes etc. can be transferred in both directions.

Benefits of TPG ProjectLink

  • Transparency of links between tasks across multiple projects
  • Clear, graphical comparison of your tasks with external tasks
  • Enhanced performance and view of complete portfolio without having to open each project individually


  • Microsoft Project Online
  • Microsoft Project Server 2016
  • Microsoft Project Server 2013
  • Microsoft Project Server 2010

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