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Having the Right Resources on the Right Projects

Efficiently planning project resources allows project managers to effectively coordinate a project’s schedule, resource effectiveness and cost details. Balancing new projects with the current task load of the existing project portfolio requires complete transparency of all resource schedules and allocated activities. The right Resource Management Software can be of great help to support in these cases.

In Ressource Management we differenciate three business cases and solutions:

1) Inserting new projects in an existing project portfolio without generating excessive peak loads is tricky. This process is supported by TPG PortfolioManager with its graphical approach of resource-optimized portfolio planning.

2) Depending on your organizational structure, your project managers can request help from team leaders in the form of deliverables or work to be done by their staff. In a matrix organization, TPG TeamManager supports the process of requesting and committing to capabilities and resources.

3) In a line organization, TPG ProjectLink enables you to align the data on the deliverables in the project plan with the detailed information in the relevant team plans.

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