Milestone Trend Analysis App für Microsoft Project

TPG MTA Chart App: Visualize Milestone Trends at a Glance

TPG MTA Chart is a Milestone Trend Analysis for Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint. It visualizes milestone trends and displays how schedules are evolving over time.

As per report periods snapshots of enterprise projects are taken to show graphically how their milestones are shifted. This chart provides an overview of the current and past schedules at a glance. Trends for the future can be identified and appropriate actions started proactively to keep projects on track.


Project managers plan milestones to show key deliverables and important dates in their projects. TPG MTA Chart is used to show the history of the milestone schedules along the report periods. To achieve this snapshots of the current milestone schedule are taken by a single click.

The MTA Chart is updated automatically and shows the changes that have been made in the past. This is how project managers and other stakeholders can see evolvements of projects over time.

TPG MTA Chart integrates into Project Center, Project Detail Pages and into Project Sites.