How a Milestone Trend Analysis / MTA Works

Easy-to-Read Graphic Illustration of Time-Related Discrepancies

Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) is an easy-to-read combination of the history and prognosis of selected project milestones. It is used to graphically illustrate time-related discrepancies.

MTA graphic

A Curve Clearly Shows the Progression over Time

When milestones are updated, the completion dates are reforecast according to the progression of the project. Connecting the interrelated symbols produces a curve that clearly shows the progression over time. The best-case completion of the original plan is represented by a horizontal line. If this line is rising it signifies a delay in the schedule; a falling line means that completion will be ahead of schedule.

The Advantages of Milestone Trend Analysis / MTA

  • Concise visualization of the history and prognosis of important milestones
  • Timely detection of deadline bottlenecks with periodic updates
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Improvement of deadline awareness among project participants

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Some TPG MTA Client and Server R
- CBP Engineers
- Deutsche Elektronen-Synchroton
- Energy Water Bern
- E.ON Ruhrgas
- Interior Ministry Rhineland-Palat.
- Rentschler Biotechnology
- Ritter Electronics
- Siemens AG Energy Sector
- VAICON Vaillant Consulting
- wpd offshore solutions