Program Management with Microsoft Project

TPG ProjectLink: Connect Multiple Project Information

TPG ProjectLink allows the sharing of schedules, work and costs between multiple projects. This product helps you creating links between important tasks of individual projects, creates transparency and improves program controlling.

Benefits of TPG ProjectLink


Multi-project overviews detailing the program’s current status

Transparency of links between tasks across multiple projects

Ability to create project links between different companies

Clear, graphical comparison of your tasks with external tasks

Time saving due to visibility of changes in external projects

Enhanced performance of Microsoft Project Server

Demo Multi-Project Managemen

The chart below shows three important use cases: links between tasks in different projects, multi-project overviews with status information for steering committees and project links between companies.

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Good Overview of Important External Tasks

Project managers use TPG ProjectLink to link external tasks to their own planning in Microsoft Project Server. Users can mirror tasks or link data about existing tasks to their own schedule, enabling them to see at a glance which external tasks have changed and whether they need to make any adjustments to their schedule.

Create Multi-Project Overviews – Quickly and Easily

You can have multi-project overviews – containing information relevant to the management of the project, such as milestones and traffic light status indicators – created and updated automatically (bottom-up). With TPG ProjectLink, tasks can be automatically transferred from these overarching framework projects back into the sub-projects (top-down). This information flow forms the basis of consistent and convenient program management.

Project Managers can easily view other details about linked tasks, which is important for multi-project overviews. Project status information can be displayed by means of traffic light indicators, giving the members of the steering committee important pointers about the state of the project. You can also transfer notes and any user-defined field in Microsoft Project Server.

Program Management Customer References / Case Studies

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Demo Multi-Project Managemen

TPG ProjectLink Key Features

  • You can use Windows SharePoint lists and SQL databases as data sources as well as Microsoft Project Server sites
  • Configurable field mapping for multiple types of use case
  • Innovative task picker function enables you to set up the links (via Microsoft Project Server access permissions)
  • You can mirror external tasks in your own schedule and view a preview or update linked information on demand
  • TPG ProjectLink also supports resource management between project and line


  • Microsoft Project Online
  • Microsoft Project Server 2016
  • Microsoft Project Server 2013
  • Microsoft Project Server 2010

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“TPG ProjectLink is enabling our project managers to establish cross-project links very easily. Organizing those links in a hierarchical way across sub-project plans within a program gives a quick overview of the program status.”

Dr. Günther Burget, Project Office
Intel Mobile Communications
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Some Enterprises Using
TPG ProjectLink

Airbus (DE, FR)
Continental (DE)
ELM Information Security (SA)
Elster Instromet (BE)
Fischer Clinical Services (CH)
GE Inspection Tech. (DE)
Harman International (DE, US)
Intel Mobile Communic. (DE)
Migros (CH)
Orange (UK)
Paul Scherrer Institut (CH)
Rheinmetall (CH, DE, AT, CA)
SEW Eurodrive (DE)
Siemens (DE)
Vaillant Group (DE)
Volkswagen (DE)
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