Introduction of MS Project Server / Project Online

TPG QuickStart – Very Fast Results at a Fixed Price

TPG QuickStart is a turnkey product giving you your own cost-effective starter solution for project and resource management – in just a few weeks. You will be able to use a well-proven, centralized and powerful platform for planning, information and communication in no time.

TPG QuickStart at a Glance

Preconfigured solution for project management
Combines generic processes and best practices
Based on the PMBOK Guide and can be used in any industry
Comprises workshop, implementation and training
Ready to use in a few weeks
Based on SharePoint and Microsoft Project Server
Realization for a fixed price


TPG QuickStart is the ideal approach for you if you are looking to standardize your project management while increasing its efficiency and maturity. The solution is ready to use quickly and based on proven Microsoft technology – helping you achieve these goals rapidly and at a fixed price.

Based on Proven Microsoft Technology

TPG QuickStart is embedded in the SharePoint Server and comprises the proven components Microsoft Project Professional, Project Server and Project Web App – the browser-based front-end. You can implement the solution locally or use it in the cloud with Project Online, Project Online Essentials and Project for Office 365. 

Extensions to the Platform Whenever You Need Them

TPG QuickStart brings together generic project management processes and best practices from a range of different industries. As your business evolves, you can extend the platform with new functions and integrate it with other systems in your company. 

TPG QuickStart gives you access to proven project management methods and functions. It includes

a preconfigured security concept,
a customized project template,
an enterprise resource pool tailored to your requirements,
views and reports as well as
risk and issue lists.

Preconfigured Standards

Alongside basic functions like project creation, resource planning, time tracking and analyses, TPG QuickStart also includes status icons, selection lists, tables, filters and calendars.

Information for Your Operational Project Management

The preconfigured features in TPG QuickStart include dashboards, views, filters and tables in Microsoft Project to support project leaders. These functions make it easier for them to find the project information they need quickly, such as

critical path,
resource workloads,
a skills-based TeamPlanner, and
schedule checks.

Clear Project Reports at Your Fingertips

TPG QuickStart helps your project leaders and management to concentrate on project planning and analysis by providing meaningful, printable reports on:

project portfolios,
single projects, and

TPG QuickStart project dashboard (click to enlarge)
TPG QuickStart project dashboard

A Common Workspace for All Roles

TPG QuickStart is based on the powerful Microsoft Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. As all of its components are embedded in SharePoint Server / SharePoint Online and based on Project Server / Project Online, you have all the functions for project and resource management at your fingertips, along with business intelligence, reporting, document management and list management features.

Everyone in your company who is involved in projects can use this common workspace and information platform:

company executives,
the PMO,
resource managers,
project managers, and
project team members.

Depending on their job role, they benefit from some or all of the following areas:

Scheduling: Complete your projects on time and keep on top of changes with clear task and progress overviews.

Time and task management: Use a common central approach to manage timesheets and scheduling.

Reporting: Make fast, well-founded decisions based on meaningful data, helping you to proactively manage your projects.

Resource management: Optimize your project team’s workload and prevent under- or over-capacity in good time.

Problem and risk management: Keep track of problems and risks so that you can minimize or prevent them.

Cost management: Monitor how costs are evolving and ensure that your project stays within budget.

Collaboration: Make it easier for team members to work together – that helps you meet a key prerequisite for effective project implementation and success.

Idea management: Record ideas centrally, then analyze them and decide how to implerment them.
User-defined fields: Make it even easier to achieve your goals by including additional details on projects’ status, phase, sponsor, invoicing and objectives.

Project health: Keep your finger on the pulse of your projects with indicators and views of costs, duration, hours worked and deadlines.

Dashboards and reports: Use the detailed dashboards to keep track of portfolios, projects an the resource situation.

Interface and usability: The modern interface allows you to navigate your system easily and find what you want faster.

Project site: The project sites in SharePoint are clearly laid out and group all project-specific information in a central place, thereby supporting collaboration between project members.

Data storage also exclusively in Germany

As of early 2017, Microsoft has also been offering cloud services from German data centers in Frankfurt on the Main and Magdeburg. With this offer for Office 365 including Project Online, customer data are stored exclusively in Germany.

If you wish, we can implement your TPG QuickStart solution in this environment as well. 

> Find out more on the Microsoft Cloud Germany offer here.

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A TPG Customer Voice

“TPG QuickStart allowed our project managers and team members to work with the new solution in a short amount of time. Using the new TPG tools, our resource planning and project management have become easier and more transparent for all stakeholders.”
Markus Knauer, Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH