JIRA Integration with PM and ERP Systems

TPG PSLink®: Convenient, Multi-Directional Data Sharing

Many companies have a major need for integration to enable data to be shared between JIRA and project management tools like Microsoft Project Server / Project Online, as well as ERP systems like SAP.

The first of these cases is based on detailing the project’s work packages (e.g. sprints) in JIRA. From the organizational perspective, this requires an interface between project managers on the one side, and team leaders, scrum masters, development teams and product owners on the other.

In the second case, ERP integration mainly consists of entering the amount of actual work performed and charging it accordingly. This is illustrated by the following three use cases and many others could be envisaged.

Use Case 1:
Integration of JIRA with Microsoft Project Server / Project Online

Fig. 1: Bidirectional integration of JIRA with Microsoft Project Server / Project Online using TPG PSLink
Integration of JIRA with Microsoft Project Server / Project Online

In this scenario, the portfolio and project management activities are being carried out in Microsoft Project Server or Project Online. The projects are planned down to the level of work packages (often called sprints in JIRA). Using TPG PSLink, work packages can be transferred to JIRA and automatically organized as versions, epics and/or issues.

The development team leader, the scrum master and the product owner are now able to plan in more detail based on the imported structure. They can use all the JIRA tools including workflows, scrum boards and work logs (for time reporting) for granular planning and progress monitoring.

The progress of the individual work packages is synchronized regularly with Microsoft Project Server. As a result, this information is always up to date, facilitating the project manager’s work.

Use Case 2:
Integration of JIRA with SAP

Fig. 2: Bidirectional integration of JIRA with SAP using TPG PSLink
Integration of JIRA with SAP

If the portfolio and project management work is being carried out in an ERP system like SAP, the integration scenario will be similar to that described in use case 1 above. In other words, the rough planning is carried out in SAP PS or PPM, while JIRA is used for the detailed planning and execution of the work packages.

A further important point here is timesheet synchronization, which is managed by transferring the work logs from JIRA to SAP CATS or to SAP for cost allocation. 

Use Case 3:
Integration of JIRA, SAP, SharePoint, Project Server/Project Online

In most cases, the integration will cover several different systems. It often includes:

  • The use of SAP for budget planning and cost allocation
  • Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint for portfolio and project management as well as for centralized time tracking
  • JIRA for sprint planning, task management, issue tracking, workflow management and status monitoring.

    The integration enables the following data sharing processes:

    • SAP <> Microsoft PPM / SharePoint: structures, costs, budgets
    • Microsoft PPM / SharePoint <> JIRA: work packages to versions / epics / issues
    • SAP <> Microsoft PPM <> JIRA: booking of JIRA work logs and Microsoft Project reports to SAP CATS or to SAP for cost allocation

      The following graphic shows how this works. 

      Fig. 3: Multidirectional integration of several systems using TPG PSLink
      Integration JIRA, SAP, SharePoint, MS Project

      Key Benefits of JIRA Integration Using TPG PSLink

      All staff work with the system that is best for their role (= high level of acceptance)

      Up-to-date information facilitates decision-making for team leaders, product owners, project managers, financial controllers and management

      No need to enter the same data several times

      Data consistency across all systems involved

      Basis for meaningful reports

      Can be adapted to a company’s individual processes

      Comprehensive Configuration Options and Checking Mechanisms

      TPG PSLink® ensures the consistency of data being shared across the systems involved.

      Synchronization of Information from JIRA:

      JIRA ObjectsData Sharing
      Epics- Create, Read, Update, Delete
      - All fields
      Issues - Create, Read, Update, Delete
      - All fields
      Work-Logs- Read (update actions are technically possible too)


      • Microsoft Project Server 2016
      • Microsoft Project Server 2013 
      • Microsoft Project Online
      • Microsoft Project Server 2010   
      • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
      • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
      • Microsoft SharePoint Online
      • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
      • Atlassian Jira 6.2x or later

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