Graphical Resource Preplanning in Microsoft Project

TPG TeamLink App: Comparison Project Planning / Resource Plan

In Microsoft Project Server, the Resource Plan allows you to create a rough forecast of the resources you require for each project. TPG TeamLink App enables project managers to compare this rough resource forecast with their task-related detailed plan on the project level. This graphical overview helps them see planning differences at a glance.

TPG TeamLink App graphically compares the MS Project resource plan with the project plan (Click image to enlarge)
TPG TeamLink grafic displaying resource requests and committments from project and line managers

Connected to Your Line Managers

Using the TPG TeamManager App, you can compare the detailed plans of the resources you will need for the project – which you requested from the line managers – with the line / resource managers’ confirmations. These confirmations are then published in the project via the TPG TeamManager App, while the TPG TeamLink App gives you a graphical comparison between the confirmations and the requests.

Working together, the two apps provide a solid basis for comparing requests from the project side and confirmations from the line side, making it easier for both sides to come to mutual agreements.

Benefits of TPG TeamLink App

  • Graphical comparison of resource plans and detailed project plans
  • Helps project and line managers coordinate, and agree on, resource plans
  • Helps project managers increase the reliability of their project resource plans

Highlights at a Glance

  • Extension to Microsoft Project Server 2013
  • App for SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 with excellent performance on all common browsers
  • Compatible with SharePoint 2013, Office 365, Microsoft Project Server 2013 and Project Online

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