Resource optimization in Microsoft Project

TPG TeamLink: Easily view and reallocate resources

TPG TeamLink is a visual-based tool that shows a graphical comparison of the resources that have been requested versus those committed to a project. When the project manager makes changes in the project’s Gantt chart, the resource availability and schedules are immediately reflected in the TPG TeamLink graphic.

TPG TeamLink grafic displaying resource requests and committments from project and line managers

If there are schedule changes in the project, the project manager can easily identify the best way to adapt the resource pool to the new circumstances. By moving the bar in the Gantt chart, TPG TeamLink will immediately change colors from red to green when you move a project date to a date when the resource is available.

Benefits of TPG TeamLink

Access to an easy-to-read graphical display of requested and committed resources to facilitate project planning and reporting

Ability to quickly make resource changes while keeping within the availability of already committed resources – and with little need to contact line managers

Data referenced in resource commitments can come from any SQL-based source

Seamlessly integrated in with Microsoft Project Standard or Professional 2007 / 2010 / 2013

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