Portfolio Planning in Microsoft Project

TPG PortfolioPlanner for optimal resource utilization

When a great idea finally turns into a real, approved project, the first question is usually: Do we have the right resources? TPG PortfolioPlanner allows you to aggregate the data from new and current projects on the project level and show each one as a task in Microsoft Project. This gives you a comprehensive overview of all projects in a single bar chart.

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Screen TPG PortfolioPlanner

Optimize your resource utilization simply using the mouse

Below the bar chart, a dialog box displays several resource histograms summarized by department together with a line representing maximum capacity. Current and new projects are shown in different colors.

With TPG PortfolioPlanner to adjust the resources plan, you simply drag and drop the project tasks in Microsoft Project until the resource peaks are below the overload level. This enables you to test resource simulations quickly and save the results of different variants.

Benefits of TPG PortfolioPlanner

  • Manual optimization of resource utilization by simple drag and drop
  • Graphical simulation of current state of projects and immediate view of impact on the resources involved
  • Summary of all project data in an easy-to-read diagram

Features of TPG PortfolioPlanner

  • Simultaneous display of consolidated project schedules (one bar per project) along with several consolidated histograms
  • Report various portfolio resource summaries – by department, by subsidiary, etc.
  • Highly configurable graphics (bars and lines)
  • Data for new projects can be taken from any SQL-based source and information about current projects comes from the Project Server
  • Works with Microsoft Project Server 2007 / 2010 / 2013

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