Detailed Information for Every Microsoft Project Task

TPG ProjectDetails: Important External Details at a Click

Extensive task lists can make project plans unnecessarily bloated. So how can project managers keep their schedule streamlined while having all important information at their fingertips? With TPG ProjectDetails. This intelligent tool gathers information from external lists and displays it together with the corresponding project task in Microsoft Project. The external lists can contain various types of data such as tasks, risks, problems, documents and more.

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Screenshot TPG ProjectDetails for Microsoft Project

With one click, project managers can access all this information exactly where and how they need it – within the relevant task and structured in tabs.

A Clearer Idea of the Project Progress

A good example of how TPG ProjectDetails can be used is with information about the status or progress of a project. This type of data is often shown as a percentage of completion, which is unprecise. A better alternative is to assign to each project task an external task list that team members can update outside of Microsoft Project, while providing the information to project managers within Microsoft Project. It shows them at a glance how many tasks in the list have been completed, giving them a much better idea of how the project task really is progressing. 

External Lists from Different Data Sources

The external lists can be imported from SQL databases, SharePoint or the Team Foundation Server. Although the data are created by team members, no third parties can access the project plan itself. If required, the project manager can import the external details into the plan and work on them there.

Benefits of TPG ProjectDetails

  • Team members and project managers  independently work with their own data
  • All up-to-date details are immediately available for each project task
  • Schedules stay streamlined while integrating extensive external information
  • Displays as many lists as required in corresponding tabs within the Project Client
  • Imports data into the project plan in aggregated form if required 
  • Works with Microsoft Project 2007 / 2010 / 2013