TPG Admin-Tools for Microsoft Project and EPM

Making administration easier and faster

 Alongside a wealth of products for Microsoft Project that make life easier for users, TPG The Project Group also provides several important tools for administrators

TPG SharepointLink: automatic synchronization of role-based access rights to documents saved in SharePoint project workspaces

TPG ProjectDeputy: project managers assign their deputies themselves - reducing the administrator's workload

TPG MailNotifier: automatic email alerts to notify administrators of important conditions in a project 

TPG ToolbarCustomizer: role-based and simplified menus in Microsoft Project to ensure user acceptance

TPG OLAP SecurityManager: fast implementation of detailed access permissions for OLAP data based on the Project Server’s permissions system

TPG ResourceLink: a flexible way to update the Microsoft Project Enterprise Resource Pool using data from a range of different sources

TPG VersionChecker: checks for the right patch level to ensure error-free communication between Microsoft Project Server and clients