Business Cases Integration of MS Project and SAP

Increase Your Project Management Efficiency with Integration

TPG PSLink® and TPG ResourceLink are connectivity products that are essential for designing and implementing enterprise-wide project and portfolio management based on Microsoft Project, SharePoint and SAP. They combine portfolios, projects, finance and human resources in a well-integrated solution to increase your project management efficiency.

Demo MS Project SAP Integration

Important Business Cases for an Integration

The comprehensive configuration capabilities of TPG PSLink enable you to define a broad spectrum of use cases – they cover almost all imaginable customer needs.

  • Resource master data, such as personnel numbers or cost centers, are an important basis for all other use cases. TPG ResourceLink ensures that the resource pool is always synchronized with SAP.

  • Structures can be partly or fully synchronized with SAP in both directions. Structures can be filtered using any criteria, such as the relationship with Microsoft Project tasks or outline code field definitions.

  • TPG PSLink covers a wide range of SAP network-based use cases. For example, Microsoft Project tasks can be mapped with SAP network activities, either directly or using configurable consolidation logic. The synchronization can also include the other SAP network objects, such as activity elements, material components and milestones.

  • Sharing data with PM orders works in a similar way, enabling the integration of projects for machine maintenance, production stoppage and plant inspection. Staff can perform scheduling and resource planning and monitor the project’s progress – all within Microsoft Project.

  • A key feature in TPG PSLink is the exchange of internal and external costs with any SAP cost objects. Planned values for work and primary costs can be aggregated to any cost accounting parameters, such as WBS elements, internal order, cost center, and cost and activity type. With this SAP-compliant aggregation, the values can be transferred into SAP activity input and primary cost planning, always in relation to the relevant period of the fiscal year. This is the ideal way to keep SAP and Microsoft Project cost plans synchronized and avoid unnecessary details in SAP.

  • Along with forecasts, TPG PSLink can transfer posted time from Microsoft Project to SAP CATS or to CO activity allocation documents. It can also import in the other direction – from SAP to Microsoft Project.

  • TPG PSLink also supports the exchange of data between SAP and Microsoft SharePoint.

  • TPG PSLink provides the flexibility to transfer any data to or from any SAP module by configuring update direction, conditions, mappings and filter criteria.

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