Milestone Trend Analysis for Microsoft Project Server

TPG MTA Server: Milestones of All Projects at a Glance

Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) is very popular with project managers because it enables them to easily visualize in their reports how milestones are progressing over time. TPG offers a powerful MTA for your portfolio of projects integrated into Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint.

Screenshot of TPG MTA Sever for Microsoft Project Server

MTA for Project Server

You start the MTA in your Microsoft Project Web Access / Web App. Select any project in your portfolio from a list and the progression of the relevant milestones in it will be displayed as an easy-to-read graphic. 

Benefits and Features of TPG MTA Server

Graphical support for reporting with a clear overview of how projects are evolving over time

Timely detection of collisions

Project participants have more awareness of milestones and their deadlines

Seamless integration in Microsoft Project Server’s Web Access / Web App

Freely adjustable settings for periodic saving of database via scheduling services

Graphics can be resized as required and copied and pasted into Office documents

Used together with the TPG MTA Client, data are available offline

Works with Microsoft Project Server 2013 / 2010 / 2007

Related MTA products

TPG MTA Client – the MTA product for MS Project Standard / Professional

TPG MTA Chart App – the new app for Microsoft Project 2013 and Project Online

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Some TPG MTA Client and Server R
- CBP Engineers
- Deutsche Elektronen-Synchroton
- Energy Water Bern
- E.ON Ruhrgas
- Interior Ministry Rhineland-Palat.
- Rentschler Biotechnology
- Ritter Electronics
- Siemens AG Energy Sector
- VAICON Vaillant Consulting
- wpd offshore solutions