Customized Business Solutions for Having the Right Resources on the Right Projects with Little Overload

Those responsible require appropriate support for resource planning in projects and project portfolios. Such tools have to enable effective scheduling, good resource allocation and reliable cost planning. The goal is to allocate the right resources to the right projects while avoiding overload.

Even when project management is well-conceived, things tend to come to a head at a certain point – namely resource planning. This is due to the matrix organization. Project managers and team leaders have to arrange the allocation of staff to the individual projects together. Depending on the company culture, this often has to happen in passing. So there can be friction at times. But the right tools can help to manage the situation well.

TPG TeamManager supports you in the coordination of resource requirements and availability. The transparent coordination process between project an line managers is advantageous and increases the flexibility in project execution.

TPG PortfolioManager in combination with Microsoft PPM supports you in resource-optimized portfolio planning. It is tricky to integrate new projects into an existing project portfolio without creating excessive peak loads. A proven IT approach makes this task much easier for you.

What Can the Right Solution Do for You?

Drivers  Benefits
Enhanced Resource Modeling and Visibility TPG TeamManager allows line managers to enter all resource absences, line and project activities for all staff in the department.

It also enables project managers to quickly make changes to resource scheduling, while staying within the availability of committed resources. TeamLink reduces administrative time by aligning resource availability with the current schedule.
Identify Resource Availability TPG TeamManager provides an overview of the actual project availability of every employee. Requests for generic or named resources by the project manager are automatically updated from Microsoft Project Server or Project Online enabling line managers to see them and allocate their staff’s available capacity accordingly.
Easy-to-Read Resource Charts TPG TeamManager allows project and line managers to access an easy-to-read graphical display depicting resource availability. See quickly if a resource has availability or committed time before assigning them to a new project or task.


“The integrated PPM system has enabled us to manage our portfolio and projects in a much more professional way. Our resource planning is also much more transparent and efficient now.”

Thomas Dinkel, PMO Leader, Swissgrid AG