Multi-Project Management with Microsoft Technology

In this training, you will get to know the special features of Microsoft Project Server or Project Online for multi-project management and resource planning.

You will use MS Project Server / Project Online, Project Professional, and Project Web App to plan, manage, and evaluate projects. The expertise in best practices of our experienced trainers will help you obtain valuable tips and suggestions for the optimal use of this central project management solution for your multi-project management.

Note: We only offer this training as an individual company seminar. The content will be adapted exactly to your needs. This increases your individual benefit because the processes in your company can be considered directly.

What You Will Be Able to Do after This Training

After this Project Online / Microsoft Project Server training you will be able to create and manage your own projects in the Server. You will be familiar with the role concept and the various reporting options. You will also be able to more efficiently collaborate using Project Web App and Project Sites in SharePoint.  


  • Product philosophy and architecture
  • Role concept (managers, project managers, resource managers and team members)
  • Project initiation with Project Professional and Web App (Project Start, Enterprise Calendars, Enterprise Global, Enterprise Templates, EPTs)
  • Planning options in Project Web App
  • Resource planning in Project Server (Enterprise Resources, Team Builder)
  • Project implementation (My Tasks, My Timesheets, Time Reporting methods, updating)
  • Project and resource evaluation in Web App (Project Center, Resource Center, Reports)
  • Project closure (project archiving)
  • Project Sites in SharePoint (documents, issues, risks)

Microsoft Project Version

The training usually is conducted on Project Online or the version of Microsoft Project Server that you use at your company. The differences between the Project Server versions can be discussed specifically if required.

What You Need to Know

Target group: Project managers, project assistants, subproject managers, team leaders

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of project management principles and experience with Microsoft Office. Experience with Microsoft Project or completion of the Learning MS Project seminar.

Duration: 1 day

Interested in this seminar?

We offer this seminar only as an individual company seminar in your rooms and adapted to your needs. The seminar is available in German and English.

If you are interested, please use the information in the right column to contact us.