TPG Project Management Solutions Support

Instant Help with Operational and Technical Problems

TPG The Project Group offers a range of support services addressing users' operational and technical problems when using solutions with Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft SharePoint and TPG products.

Knowledge Transfer Plan

Working with client teams is a collaborative process to ensure the overall solution is functioning as needed to support the entire community of users. From the moment, TPG receives the support request, all analysis work, communications, and resolution, are documented and posted in the TPG global support submission system for later review by their teams.

As a best practice, TPG recommends the client’s support teams to review all support inquiries handled by the TPG team to ensure the support teams understand the issues being submitted and the resolution strategy recommended by TPG. The objective is for the client to become self-sufficient with managing all tiers of support for the solution.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Issue resolution requires extensive testing by the joint TPG and client teams. TPG provides a fully documented issue resolution and works in coordination with the client’s technical teams and business users to validate full resolution before the support request is considered completed.

For support questions please use this email: