Hosting of Microsoft Project Server EPM Solutions

Centralized Solution Offers More Flexibility and Lower Costs

With its central data repository and high level of integration, the server-based Microsoft Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution delivers several advantages over client-only installations. PPM improves communication and efficiency, offers standardization across projects and programs, and provides centralized resource management as well as sophisticated reporting functions.

Hosting – The Ideal Way to Evaluate Microsoft PPM

A hosted test version of PPM enables you to minimize – or even eliminate – time-consuming authorization processes and negotiations with your IT department. You will not need to buy licenses that remain unused if you decide that PPM is not yet right for you. And there is no learning curve or investment in building niche skills.

With its ‘Ready2Business’ service, TPG offers the competency you need. We can configure your solution in just a few days. The test phase allows you to focus on the evaluation, which you can run for as long as you like with your own data. You pay for the service monthly and there are no further costs once the evaluation is over.

Hosting – Total Flexibility in the Production Phase

If you decide that Microsoft PPM meets your needs, you can keep using the hosting service in the production phase. It offers the following key benefits:

Total Flexibility

You can adapt your project licenses to your actual system usage, so you will not waste money on unused licenses. TPG’s flexible hosting packages even provide solutions for small departments, avoiding the need to initiate an internal IT project.

Worldwide Access

You always have access to your Project Server – whenever you want, wherever you are, and with no security risks. This is especially useful for companies with offices in different places.

No Impact on IT Resources

Your PPM solution is always the right size, as it is flexibly adapted to your needs. You will not need to request additional computing power or memory, and software updates are installed automatically.

Expert Administration

If required, TPG can administer the system for you. Fast response times and the highest levels of expertise come as standard. You will not need to build and maintain internal PPM skills or spend time on coordination with your IT department.

Test and Integration System

Production PPM solutions need regular updates, and the new environment must first be tested offline to ensure there are no risks to the production system. The same goes for backup and restore processes. In these cases, a hosted test system is ideal.

Take Your Project Management to the Next Level with Hosting

Microsoft PPM gives you a really professional approach to multi-project management. Microsoft Project Server hosting is the ideal way for you to test its benefits for yourself and count on reliable support every day.

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