TPG Oppty2Project: Create Projects from CRM in Project Online with Only One Click

Once an opportunity turns into an order and a real project, the project manager needs all the relevant data from the sales team. But that can be a challenge: how can you be sure that you’ve really received every single piece of information required from CRM in Project Online, so you can set up the project quickly and correctly?

Many companies have decentralized data storage and people send information back and forth manually multiple times during the agreement process. That makes it much more time-consuming to keep a handle on data transfer – and it’s very error-prone too.

This is where the ready-to-use solution TPG Oppty2Project comes in. Based on the mobile Microsoft O365 Power Automate app, it ensures smooth and automatic data transfer between your sales (Dynamics, Salesforce etc.) and project management (Project Online or Project Server) teams. That helps you significantly increase the efficiency – and especially the reliability – of your project setup.

The Process: From Opportunity to Project

  • Step 1: After the assignment, the sales department marks an opportunity as “won” in the CRM system (e.g. Salesforce oder Dynamics 365).
  • Step 2: TPG Oppty2Project creates a new project in Microsoft Project Online with all relevant field values.
  • Step 3: The project manager can start planning the project right away – the basic information is already in place.


Advantages of this Project Online + CRM Solution

  • Efficient: The automation of the data transfer is reliable and reduces the workload for sales and project managers.
  • Transparent: The centralized data storage always gives a clear overview over won sales opportunities.
  • Preconfigured: The solution is ready to use quickly.
  • Future-ready: Microsoft SharePoint and cloud technology makes you flexible for future enhancements.

What Does TPG Oppty2Project Include?

The implementation of TPG Oppty2Project is easy and fast: The solution is preconfigured and “remotely” deployed. The complete turnkey package includes the following:

  • A SharePoint list for “won opportunities” with 3 predefined fields (title / project owner / project type)
  • Configuration of 5 enterprise project fields to transfer relevant fields from one system into the other
  • SharePoint workflow and Microsoft Power Automate configuration to create projects in Project Online
  • Options for adaptation of basic version (e.g. extending the SharePoint list with additional fields)

Three Steps to the Solution

Phase 1: Creation of Basic System

Activities: Run kick-off & configuration workshop, execute configuration, create configuration documentation, handover of system and acceptance

Deliverables: Configuration documentation

Duration: approx. 1-2 weeks (Microsoft and CRM solution installation / configuration / licenses not included)

Phase 2: Go-Live

Activities: Prepare and carry out half a day training for sales and project managers

Duration: approx. 1 week

Phase 3: Extension of Basic System

Activities: 8 hours’ consulting for coaching, support and extensions (to be ordered within 4 weeks after system handover), final project meeting

Deliverables: Updated configuration documentation

Duration: approx. 1-2 weeks

Licenses for the Tools Used

Before you get started, please ensure that you meet the license-related requirements. In order to run TPG Oppty2Project, you need the licenses for the following Microsoft products:

  • CRM System: Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Project Online or SharePoint

If you don’t have the relevant licenses yet, you can purchase Office 365 licenses from TPG as well.