WÖRWAG Pharma recognises reliably when which resources are available for projects

The Company: WÖRWAG Pharma sells prescription and over-the-counter products to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases around the globe. Areas of activity include marketing, approval processes and sales as well as researching possible new application areas for proven products. The production itself takes place at partner companies in Eastern Europe and Asia.

The Challenge: WÖRWAG Pharma wanted to ascertain the exact requirements regarding the scope of a software solution for project and resource management. Another demand was to subsequently find the right solution and implement it within a short period of time.

The Solution: TPG QuickStart provided the company quickly with a fully operational software solution with preconfigured elements. The solution was enhanced with TPG TeamManager for more transparent resource planning. It is integrated in the Microsoft 365 world. Via interfaces, it can be enhanced with applications that may be required in the future, such as the connection to SAP envisaged by WÖRWAG Pharma.

The Benefit: Beyond increased efficiency and transparency in project management, the pharmaceutical company benefits particularly from resource management on a whole new level. For the first time, it is possible to take stock of utilization and free capacities. This makes it easier to coordinate and control running projects efficiently. Moreover, it is finally possible to recognize in a reliable way if and when resources are available to take on new projects; and which resources are free.


“The company had no previous experience with project management software. That’s why we were looking to get started with a smaller solution to understand in detail what project management software meant and could do.”

Bernhard Armbruster, Project Management Officer at WÖRWAG Pharma