Case Study: Integration MS Project mit SAP

Tata Steel: Management Instandhaltung großer Stahlwerke

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The Company: Tata Steel Europe is Europe's second largest steel producer and is a subsidiary of Tata Steel, one of the world’s top ten steel producers. The combined Tata Steel enterprise has an aggregate crude steel capacity of more than 28 million tonnes and approximately 80,000 employees across four continents.

The Challenge: Each plant with Tata Steel Europe has hundreds of thousands of recurring, preventative maintenance operations to complete each year. Added to this are unscheduled maintenance tasks, all of which presents a significant challenge to planners and schedulers. Microsoft Project Server and TPG PSLink were selected by Tata Steel Europe to support the Plant Maintenance Planning process.

The Solution: At Tata Steel Europe, TPG has implemented an enterprise planning system based on Microsoft Project Server. It has also implemented TPG PSLink to integrate the company’s SAP Plan Maintenance Module (PM) with the new planning solution and seamlessly synchronize data between the SAP and Project Server. All relevant SAP logic and principles have been applied to TPG PSLink and Project Server regarding how and when statutory and mandatory maintenance operations can be rescheduled ensuring that Microsoft Project plans synched to the SAP PM module are totally complaint.

The Benefits: A greatly improved user experience where users leverage Microsoft Project Server to reschedule maintenance operations, change resource assignments and carry out “what-if” analyses.

Project status: Ongoing, adoption of the system is set to increase as more plants and business units of Tata Steel Europe migrate to SAP and drive towards improving their maintenance planning.



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> Microsoft Project Server
> TPG PSLink (SAP Integration)



“TPG PSLink provides an accurate and efficient method of aligning Microsoft Project to the Primary SAP system in Corus’ Maintenance Planning. The product also is a suitable solution to effectively manage the high volume of data for a number of international Corus Sites throughout the UK and the Netherlands.”
Damon Owen, Project Manager, Tata Steel